School Update for Friday 2nd March 2018

School Update for Friday 2nd March 2018

Hartley Primary Academy – for Friday 2nd March (as at 17:45 on 01/03/18)

Dear Parents and Carers,

We have battled to try to open the site but have been defeated by the elements this week. Sadly, we have been beaten again as our water pipes are still frozen and we have little or no water in school. For this reason we will have to keep the site closed again tomorrow. This may well prove to be for the best as the weather predictions are varied and we may have more bad conditions on Friday as well as frozen pipes.

We are having the water pipes looked at before the weekend to assess the situation but with temperatures rising from hopefully Saturday, the ice in the system will thaw and we will be back to normal next week (there will be a slight change to the school dinner menu on Monday as the normal supplies have not been able to deliver).

Thank you for your patience. I hope you have had the chance to enjoy the snow with your children at some point this week, this could be a once in a childhood experience for some!

Best Wishes

Sarah Goosani