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Our Vision & Aims

Our Vision & Aims


Aims and Beliefs

In partnership with parents and the Leigh Academies Trust we believe in the following aims:

  • Learning is a process of discovery, where children involved in determining the learning process, enjoy learning, seek to extend their learning and aspire to raise their own standards.
  • Children will be equipped with the skills to become active, independent learners via a broad and balanced curriculum, which recognises different ways of learning.
  • Children will be encouraged to persist and persevere with new challenges.
  • Children will develop an awareness and understanding and respect of other cultures, faiths and beliefs and apply these to school and the community.
  • Children at Hartley Primary Academy follow a moral and spiritual set of values, including respect, honesty, tolerance and forgiveness.
  • To instill the knowledge that aspirations can be met through determination, hard work and self-belief.
  • Effective learners are resilient, resourceful, responsible, reasoning and reflective.
  • Adults and children, in school, are positive role models.
  • A well-ordered, calm, stable working environment in which children feel encouraged to try, confident in the knowledge that mistakes are part of the learning process.
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