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“A good school council is one that represents the views of all students and gets things done.”

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Overview of the last academic year: 2016-2017

We have a thriving School Council which is made up of 1 teacher and 14 children. There are 2 children from each of the year groups 1-5 and we have 4 members from Year 6. Each class selects 1 member each and we ask the previous Year 5 children to stay on for a second year in Year 6, in order to provide continuity with ideas and decisions that are being made. The School Councillors take their responsibilities very seriously and take great pride in seeing the achievements they make. They are responsible for considering fundraising for charities and budgeting for resources for their school too. We meet at least twice a term.

Last Year our School Council were extremely active with providing for the pupils at lunchtime. They sent out surveys to each class and carefully went through the responses to ensure that we supported the children with what they required. The children’s voice is so important and is a huge part of our school.

During the school year, we supported the outside charities Children in Need, Comic Relief and held a collection for the Animal Charities ‘Valgray Border Collie Rescue Centre’ and ‘Many Tears’, which were a huge success.

Within school we helped at the Christmas and Summer Fairs, held a penny collection and met a local Councillor to discuss improving recycling in our school. The money we raised for the school was used to update playground play equipment such as card games, colouring pads and resources, new space hoppers and ping pong balls, which were provided in response to the children’s wish list. We also replaced another table and a bench for the quiet area in the bottom playground to make outdoor learning more comfortable.

Mrs Creed
School Council, March 2018

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