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“A good school council is one that represents the views of all students and gets things done.”

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At Hartley Academy – Our School Council reps are voted by the peers in their class at the start of the year. A boy and a girl are chosen from each year group (Year 1 – 6). Our School Council are very engaged and proud to adopt the responsibility of School Council Representative, voicing and sharing the ‘Children’s Views’ at Hartley Primary Academy.

Meetings are held at least twice every term and are led by Mrs Creed. New issues arise in most sessions and are addressed in the meeting and then discussed further in classes.

In the past years The School Council of Hartley have supported many charities and will often ask the children to support their ideas especially for charities such as Children in Need and Red Nose Day. Last year they voted for the whole school to dress up as ‘Animals and Superheroes’ in November for Children in Need. This raised over £600. Then later in the year the whole school donned their red clothes, hair, noses and bonkers for Red Nose Day. This was an amazing day. The children gathered sponsors and completed a sponsored walk around the playground. They looked fantastic and raised an incredible £10,641.50 (including ‘Government Matched Funding’)! Thanks to all of the families and their friends for such generous sponsorship.

Last year the School Council also decided to carry out fundraising events to raise more money to support the school.The whole school came together for an afternoon of fun with a school ‘Talent Show’. Children from across the school ‘Wowed’ us with their musical, dance, gymnastic and sporting talents.  They sold cakes and had collection buckets on the playgrounds. They also helped out at the fantastic PTA Christmas and Summer Fairs running a loom band stall at Christmas Fair and a game event at the Summer Fair. Both events raised £300.

A very successful fundraising year! The money raised will be used for new playtime equipment and outdoor facilities.

Our new School Council members for 2015/16 will be responsible for voicing the opinions and needs of the children within the school over the next academic year. They will also help to decide how the funds raised will be spent and which exciting projects will be organised in the coming year.

Mrs Creed

School Council, September 2015

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