Modern Foreign Languages

Modern Foreign Languages

At Hartley Primary Academy we understand the importance of introducing foreign languages at an early age. This enables the children to build confidence in their language skills, and instils in them an understanding and appreciation of other nationalities, cultures and customs.

Throughout Key Stage 1, very simple French words are introduced and used as part of their routine, such as responding to their name at registration or through equipment within the role play area.

In Key Stage 2, the children follow the ‘Toute le Monde’ programme whereby French is delivered through a series of stimulating stories, songs and poems, and supported by structured worksheets and interactive games, flash cards and books. The children have plenty of opportunity to practice simple conversation in order to reinforce their learning and build confidence and communication skills.

In Year 6, with transition to secondary school in mind, the children are introduced to Spanish as this is a language widely studied at Key Stage 3. They learn numbers, classroom commands and simple conversational skills and, in addition, songs.

Wherever possible, we strive to broaden the children’s linguistic ability, and equip them with the fundamental skills to enable them to approach all languages with confidence.

Mrs Mead

MFL Co-ordinator

Department of Education – Languages programmes of study: key stages 1 and 2

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