Roundash Nursery at Hartley is located within the grounds of Hartley Primary Academy. The nursery is open Monday to Friday during term-time. Sessions run from 9.00am to midday and then midday to 3.00pm every day of the week. We take children from the age of two and with our depth of experience we are able to provide outstanding education and care to our youngest intake.

Now part of Hartley Primary Academy, we are able to utilise the resources and environment around us to provide a stimulating and exciting learning experience whilst encouraging the children to develop a sense of independence.

If you would be interested in applying for sessions for your child please contact us:

01474 706475 or email us at nursery@hartleyprimary.org.uk

Our address is: Round Ash Way, Hartley, Longfield, Kent, DA3 8BT.

At present we have the following sessions available – so please get in touch!

On Mondays (Midday to 3pm)
On Wednesdays (Midday to 3pm)
On Fridays (9am to Midday, Midday to 3pm or all day sessions)

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