Safer Internet Day 2016

Safer Internet Day 2016

The children and staff of Hartley Primary Academy joined hundreds around the country supporting Safer Internet Day 2016. The day of positive action came as the UK Safer Internet Centre launched a new report, ‘Creating a Better Internet for All’, that highlights young people’s experiences of online empowerment and online hate.


This theme this year was to encourage children to think about how they play a part in making the internet a positive place, and consider what to do if they experience anything negative online. This highlights the issues and concerns that young people have when they’re online, primarily focusing on practical solutions and responding appropriately to negative content so that we can all ‘play our part for a better internet’.


Mr Goldsmith, Computing Coordinator and part of the E-Safety Team in Hartley, led an assembly explaining the importance of the internet and how we use it in everyday life. The children also discussed in the assembly how you can be SMART online and the dangers of the internet.


Throughout the day, children conducted whole class discussions and held activities related to appreciation of the internet and how each child can play their part in making the internet a better place. As a way to consolidate  their views, all children completed a love heart by filling it with thoughts and ideas on how they can make the internet a safer place, the reasons why they love the internet and what they access on internet. They then placed their heart on a huge display in a central location in the hall for all to see and share their thoughts.


Here are just a few of the children’s thoughts, ideas and reasons why the internet is a positive place:

‘I pledge to always say nice comments’

‘I love the internet because it is for everyone.’

‘I enjoy going on the internet because you can learn and have fun at the same time.’

‘Never post too much info about yourself.’


Overall, the children had an incredible day celebrating the internet and understanding that the children can have a positive impact on the digital world.


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