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Thursday 16th May

A visit from Kent Fire Brigade…

Friday 10th May

Last week we had eggs delivered to Reception and immediately there was a buzz of excitement in the classrooms. The children thoroughly enjoyed seeing first hand new life as the chicks hatched. We have two boys and seven girls.


In Cherry Tree Class during D.T day we made fairy cakes. We used the balancing scales to weigh out the ingredients. We placed an egg on one side and then added sugar to the other side until the two balanced. We tipped the sugar into the mixing bowl and then measured out the butter and the flour using the same method. We cracked the egg into the mixing bowl and then stirred all the ingredients together. We spooned the mixture into cake cases and baked our cakes in the oven. Delicious!

We also sewed fish and also had fun doing woodwork.



During Art day looked at the work of Seurat and tried creating our own work using the ‘Pointillism’ painting technique.


During ‘Stay and Play’ we enjoyed making clay faces, whittling sticks and cooking marshmallows on the fire.


 On Science day we enjoyed mixing various kitchen ingredients to make potions! There was lots of colour changing, stretching, fizzing and bubbling. Beth commented, “when I put the vinegar in, my potion exploded!” Samiah added, “it looks like a volcano!”


When Meccanoid came to visit we enjoyed high fives and liked watching his eyes change colour!

Monday 1st April

In Apple Tree Class Arthur Hare’s Grandad, Terry, has been coming in to help the children with woodwork. They have been making aeroplanes, cars and buses.


Click below for Apple and Cherry’s Term 4 Home Learning.



Child Initiated activities

Everyday the children in Reception enjoy making their own choices about their activities. They can choose to do one of our challenges or try an activity we have created, or simply come up with an activity of their own!

Arthur’s Amazing Writing Challenge


Climbing Wall


Maths Game

Practising Writing


Reading Corner

Rescuing woodland animals from the ice!

The Reception children became scientists this term and investigated which way would be the quickest to melt the blocks of ice that was trapping some toy woodland animals. Each group tried a different method (hairdryer, warm water, cold water, salt or hot water bottle) and we observed which group melted their ice and rescued their animal the quickest. In Apple Tree class the warm water worked the quickest!


Toasty Bear Faces

At the start of the term the children enjoyed making and eating toasty bear faces. The children cut their own slices of banana for the ears and nose, spread the butter on the toast and then chose from blueberries or raisins to add the eyes, before tucking in and enjoying their tasty treat!

Click below for Apple and Cherry’s Term 3 Home Learning.

Term 2

Click below for Apple and Cherry’s Term 2 Home Learning.


Term 1

Our first Forest School sessions were a huge success and all the children had a wonderful time exploring the woods. The children climbed trees, collected interesting things, like acorns, beech nuts, sticks and leaves and some even found some mini-beasts hiding under logs. Most of the children tried hot chocolate which was made by our Ranger, Donna, on the fire.

Apple Class


Cherry Class


Click below for Apple and Cherry’s Term 1 Home Learning.


Apple and Cherry Home Learning Term 1_vers 2


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