Year 3

Year 3



‘Let’s Celebrate!’

How the World Works: Light and sound influence the way we interact with the world.

Friday 22nd March

Year 3 put on their investigator hats to explore how mirrors reflect light. We discovered that mirrors reflect light in reverse which means that the image we see in it is backwards. Whilst investigating this we wrote mirror messages that our partner had to work out. We also had to use a mirror to travel along a wiggly line on the floor. The reason this was tricky was because the mirror reflected the opposite direction which confused our brains!

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“#Rumble in the Jungle”

SHARING THE PLANET: Human actions affect wildlife.

18th January 2019

On Friday 18th January 2019, Year 3 made their own terrariums as part of our focus on rainforests as our ‘Rumble in the Jungle’ line of inquiry.

Our terrariums have been made to demonstrate a rainforest biome. A terrarium is like a miniature garden with its own mini-climate. As sun filters through the sealed, transparent container, it warms the air, soil and plants.

When you pour water into your terrarium that is the beginning of the water cycle. You essentially have made it rain in your little world! When you set your terrarium in the sun the water inside the terrarium heats up and turns into water vapour in the air. This is called evaporation. When the water vapour reaches the top of our bottles, it will condensate. Once the temperature cools in the evenings, the water will begin to ‘rain’ over the plants and start the process of the water cycle off again.

Have a look below at our creations…



11th January 2019

Last week, on Friday 11th January 2019, Year 3 took some time to explore the different parts of a flowering plant. At first, we enjoyed looking at the various parts of the plant – roots, stem, leaves and the flower but we then investigated their functions. Maple Class even made up a few actions to help them remember them.

Later, we deconstructed the flower to investigate the stamen and carpel (male and female parts).



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“Oh, the places you will go!”

WHERE WE ARE IN TIME AND PLACE: Journeys lead to discovery and new adventure 

27th November 2018

As part of their PYP line of inquiry, children in year 3 chose to explore why people decided to become pirates. Last week, we learnt why people in the Stuart era had little choice but to resort to a life of piracy.

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As part of Year 3’s science topic Rocks and Soils, we have been investigating how fossils are formed. We used several different methods of learning about fossils but our favourite was when we made our own fossils using bread and sweets!
To do this, we used 2 pieces of bread, sweets and a sandwich bag. We started with one piece of bread and explained how this was a layer of sedimentary rock. We then placed our sweets (dead animals) onto the piece of bread. After adding another layer of bread (that mimicked multiple layers) we put the ‘sandwich’ into a sandwich bag and trod on it! This showed the amount of pressure which is placed on the rocks after more layers of sedimentary rock form on top of the decayed animal. We learnt that water seeps into the bones of the creature and dissolves them (so we removed our sweets). After millions of years worth of erosion, the rocks are revealed and people can discover fossils. When we looked at our ‘fossils’ we found multiple imprints in the bread – demonstrating how some types of fossils are formed. We had great fun!

Click on the image below for the Year 3 and 4 statutory word list which children will be expected to know by the end of Year 4. Whilst we are teaching and learning about these in school, we would greatly appreciate any input on these spellings at home.

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“It’s all about me”

WHO WE ARE: People make decisions that contribute to their personal health.

7th September

Year 3 have had an extremely busy start to term 1.

Wednesday saw us baking carrot cookies – as part of our inquiry into healthy eating.

This required us to peel and grate carrots, mix ingredients and divide them into evenly sized cookies.

On Thursday afternoon we went out into the woods and had to create our own meals out of natural resources. There were some incredible creations and most of us managed to keep our ‘meals’ relatively healthy.

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