Year 4

Year 4



We’re going on a sound hunt!

How we express ourselves: Sound often helps people understand the world and communicate ideas and feelings.

Year 4 Residential: Day 2 More morning activities and lunch…

Thursday 13th June

‘I want to do art as a career and create paintings for the future’. 

‘Everyones art work is unique and individual like the person who created it’.

‘I am shocked I made this myself’. 

This term Year 4 have been studying sound and this has influenced the art that has been created. We investigated, Wassily Kadinsky, a soundscape artist who created work from listening to particular sounds and instruments.
We mimicked the way in which Kandinsky created his work by listening to a chosen song. The students listened to Bjork crystalline, listening to the invisible world of how a crystal grows, brought to life through music, which they portrayed through their artistic work inspired by the style and method of Kandinsky.








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“Start Your Engine”

How we Organise Ourselves: People use different forms of transport for different reasons

Wednesday 22nd May

We made ‘Twig Towers’ in our outdoor learning session this week. We trialed lots of different methods and found that the most successful towers were made using a criss-cross technique. Look at some of these impressive towers!

Tuesday 21st May

Year 4 had further adventures today by taking the train from Longfield Station to Rochester. We spent time walking down the historic high street, spotting the many Dickens references. We went to the Guildhall Museum, carried out a traffic survey and then spent time in the amazing castle grounds. After this it was back to the station for the journey home. We were lucky the weather was very kind to us and everyone had a great day.

Monday 20th May

Year 4 meet the Teslas!

Friday 10th May

We have been learning about electricity this week, and how it can be used to power different forms of transport. We powered bulbs, motors and buzzers using a simple circuit and switches, which we made ourselves!


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“Weather Alert!”

How the World Works: Using patterns to predict changes in the world influences decision making


Tuesday 2nd April

Day 2 STEAM WEEK: Robot wars comes to Year 4 and Year 5

Monday 1st April

Beat The Flood challenge. We had to build a flood proof house to combat the effects of climate change. Some were very successful!


A lovely piece of descriptive writing by Pyari

A really clear explanation text about the seasons by Abi

Year four French outdoor learning!


Tuesday 26th March

Year 4 and Year 5 participate in the ‘Blue Planet – Live Lesson’

Friday 22nd March

We learnt about hurricanes this week and found out that some people actually chase hurricanes for fun! Look at these fantastic diary entries of storm chasers, written by Ralph and Ella.


Thursday 21st March

Meet three of our newer members of Year 4!

Rose, Daisy and Bluebell…


Thursday 14th March

It has been very windy recently! We learnt about how the wind is measured and had a go at making our own anemometers to measure the speed of the wind. We’d say that they worked quite well!


Thursday 7th March

Willow Class joined the BBC World Book Day lesson online!

Look at these fantastic costumes for World Book Day! We had great fun completing book quizzes and taking part in the BBC World Book Day show.

Tuesday 5th March

Look at this fantastic description of the warm weather we experienced last week – well done Olivia!

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“Under Threat?”

Sharing the Planet: Human behaviour has positive and negative impacts on ecosystems.

Wednesday 6th February 

Enjoy the work of three of the Star Writers from Rowan Class: Harriett’s report on the oceans, Jessica’s setting description and Trinity’s balanced argument about plastic usage.


Last week Year 4 enjoyed making their own paper!

Who said maths cannot be fun?

Look at these pictures, particularly the one where the paper breaks!

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“A Journey Through Time”

WHERE WE ARE IN TIME AND PLACE: Moments in History have shaped the world we know today.

Tuesday 18th December 2018

Some more wonderful examples of Rowan class writing. This time, Virtue and Seth.

Monday 16th December

Some of the amazing Year Four home learning challenge projects. The children had to pick an area of history and present their research.

Friday 7th December

After learning about a range of Victorian inventions, Year 4 were inspired to power their own electric light bulb using lemons! We found that the lemons weren’t able to power a bulb by themselves, although when we put them altogether in to a circuit, they created a very dim light.


Tuesday 4th December

Read the amazing Egyptian Adventure story written by Elizabeth!

Tuesday 4th December

Best Model – Our winning Year 4 Team!


#LeighIdeas Final

Monday 12th November

#LEIGHIDEAS2018 with Year 4 and 5

Wednesday 7th November

To start our ‘Journey Through Time’ learning journey, our first mini topic is the Ancient Egyptians. We have looked at farming methods and irrigation techniques. A Shaduf is a piece of equipment used to transport water to otherwise dry land. We made our Shadufs in pairs, using wood, hammers, nails, glue guns, string, cable ties, saws and sandpaper. When they were completed, we tested them using the sink to see if they could transport water! We were largely successful!


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“Keeping Healthy. A Piece of Cake!”

WHO WE ARE: Knowing how the human body works, allows us to better care for ourselves.

9th October

A balanced argument linked with Year 4’s Learning Journey this term. The teacher is obviously ‘tickled pink’ with Summer’s writing!

Week 4 Summer

19th September 

On Wednesday, Year 4 took part in an exciting cookery workshop where they prepared and cooked vegetable stew and bread twists. They learnt about how to stay safe whilst preparing food, why it is so important to eat a balanced diet, and two different ways of cooking food. They even had a chance to taste their creations!

Some amazing writing from Year 4:



Investigating the digestive system….

Year 4 Term 1 Newsletter