Year 5

Year 5



“Invention Machine”

Where we are in place and time: Inventions from the Victorian era may need to be modified over time in order to still have an impact on our modern day society.

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“Free To Be Me!”

Who We Are: Understanding the cultural diversity within different communities may help people live with others.

‘Gravesham Primary School 7s tournament’
On Saturday 28th September, 11 boys from Year 5 and 6 competed in the annual 7-a-side football tournament at Riverview Primary School. Not only did we win the large school tournament (the Cooke Shield), but also the overall final, which means that in November the team will travel to Thamesmead Town to represent Gravesham in the Kent finals! Well done to all the boys!

Year 5 have been using the outdoor environment in the forest school to immerse themselves in a variety of activities so far this week.
The first activity encouraged them to work collaboratively to visually create symbols and images, using naturally found objects to represent their chosen topics based on a written speech, in the style of Martin Luther King.

Today, the children in Chestnut enjoyed a fantastic session with Donna, the Forest School Ranger. They explored our Forest School area with ropes, made tree swings and obstacle courses, created dens and shelters, and made stick men and clay animal faces on the trees. And it was all washed down with some “smooth and chocolatey” hot chocolate around the fire pit! Great fun! Thank you to the parents who joined us; we really appreciated your help!

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How we express ourselves: People may use the performing arts to connect, inspire and challenge


A Hat-Trick of wins at the LAT Sports Day!

LAT Primary Cricket Competition

Quad Kids Athletics Competition

Friday 21st June

Year 5 had an introduction to William Shakespeare using Dictogloss – a classroom dictation activity where learners are required to reconstruct a short text by listening and noting down key words, which are then used as a base for reconstruction.

Look at two of their reconstructions:

Tuesday 18th June

Year 5 have created their own artwork to use for their front covers for their Learning Journey this term on ‘Shakespeare4kids’. They learned how to draw Shakespeare, then created their own colourful representations.

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Friday 14th June

Year 5 Mini-Fair

What amazing ‘entrepreneurs’ Year 5 have proved to be! What an amazing fair they organised and ran! What an amazing profit they made!

On Friday, Year 5 organised and ran the ‘finale’ of their Learning Journey on ‘make5grow’ for Year 1, Year 3 and their families and friends. It was absolutely packed, and such a ‘fun’ afternoon enjoyed by all!

I want to do it again!” (Hudson, Year 1)

All the activities were great fun!” (Dominico, Year 1)

Enterprise is all about making ideas happen. It’s about having the skills, can-do attitude and drive to turn ideas into a successful business. Year 5 have now proven themselves to be entrepreneurs; they are people who create their own business ventures!

As a year group they made a profit of around £350, taking in almost £500 on the day, almost 250% profit on their initial costs – every group made a profit.

Amazing writing from Year 5


Tuesday 14th May

Year 5 have been writing slogans in preparation for their ‘Mini-Fair’ next term.


Enterprise Fair – Friday 14th June at 2.30pm

The children have been working very hard over the last term, working collaboratively in teams, to decide on a product to sell to ‘Make £5 Grow’.  Some children have decided to sell a product, others have chosen to create activities or competitions (fair-like activities), with the aim of making a profit which they will then give back to the community. These include: cupcakes, smoothies, guess the number of jelly beans in a jar, wet sponge throwing, seed bombs, tattoos…

They have had to research and decide how they can keep their costs low so they can maximise potential profits – thinking very hard about making their products and services attractive. They have begun to realise that £5 is not a lot of money when trying to resource their ideas!

With the deadline for ensuring that the children repay the initial loan, set at the end of June, we have now set a date for them to be selling their products/ services.  Weather permitting, the ‘mini fair’ will be held outside during the afternoon of Friday 14th June. In the event of wet weather, arrangements have been put in place so the fair can still go ahead.  We are planning for the fair to open at 2:30pm and invite Year 1 and Year 3 children, as well as parents, friends and family the opportunity to come and see the ‘enterprising’ goods and services that the children have come up with and to help them make their money grow by ‘spending some money’.

As this is a business enterprise, the children will have the opportunity to sell and buy goods from each other, and to children from other classes.  If you are able to join us that would be a bonus for the children.

Can we just take this opportunity, in advance, to thank you all for the support this year and particularly with this project.  Please, if you are able to come, be aware these ideas come from the children, we are just facilitating them. Some may not make a profit, others may, but this is something that we will the have to follow through as part of the children’s evaluation of the project.  



How we Organise Ourselves: People work together to give back to their communities

Wednesday 22nd May


Year 5 have been learning about the life cycle and reproduction of amphibians and insects today and so we decided to have a looks what was going on in our pond!


Wednesday 5th June

Year 5 have been learning about the difference between credit and debit cards in our latest Dictogloss.

Friday 10th May

The children wanted to know about some of the features on banknotes.

Tuesday 30th April

The children developed their understanding of what makes a team player in business.

Monday 29th April

The children composed letters to our Finance Officer to request a loan of £5 from the academy. Click below to read one of our letters.

Wednesday 24th April

One of the lines of enquiry the children wanted to follow was their understanding of what a community is.







Year 5 are currently taking part in the Virgin ‘ Make £5 Grow’ money enterprise. The Year 5 children have been particularly resourceful in planning their ideas which range from painting stones, baking cookies and washing the teachers cars! The children will be selling their products/services in order to try and make a profit. The children will be deciding who they wish to donate their profit to. It could be a local community project or charity.

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‘Invisible Forces’

How the World Works: Understanding and harnessing forces make our lives easier.


Wednesday 3rd April

Day 3 of STEAM Week: BIG ART DAY!


Tuesday 2nd April

Day 2 STEAM WEEK: Robot wars comes to Year 4 and Year 5

Monday 1st April

Year 5 kicked off STEAM Week making lava lamps…..those 1970 ‘retro’ lava lamps.


They then used their knowledge on ‘Invisible Forces’ to look at designs of planes, helicopters and gliders – creating their own and testing them outside.


They also learned how to play Watermelon Chess….an ancient Chinese Strategy Game.



Tuesday 26th March 2018

Year 4 and Year 5 participate in the ‘Blue Planet – Live Lesson’

Friday 22nd March 2019

This afternoon, Year 5 were investigating which material made the best brake pads linked with their work on ‘Invisible Forces’.


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SHARING THE PLANET: The ocean environment can be altered by human activity.

Wednesday 6th February

And the final piece of independent writing from Samuel:


The young girl nonchalantly strolled across the abandoned road, oblivious to the cloud of death hovering just metres above her. She sauntered a little further and then glanced up, resting her eyes on the gracefully, floating jellyfish that had caught her eye. With a sense of adventure, her inquisitive nature reached out and she grabbed a tendril with her hand. Now airborne, a regrettable pain gurgled in her stomach and she wanted to come down but it was too late; she had to face her terror-stricken next few seconds head on.

The wind took her up to the huge yonder of plastic; it was an array of fireworks. She stared down at the unrecognisable abyss down  below while she glided over acres of land like a god being worshiped. Without warning,suddenly, a cold breeze chilled her neck. She stopped looking at her surroundings, her pleasured face lost in thoughts dropped; as she saw the gyre of plastic recklessly plunging into the murky waters that lurked below. She quickly clambered backwards and with a perplexed face, she dived down falling face first into the hardened sand. A strong gust of wind continued to violently push the plastic even further. In pain, she crawled back with horror; frozen with shock, all she could do was watch.

Friday 1st February

Year 5 had an afternoon of looking at ‘smart polymers’ and reversible and irreversible reactions….photos coming soon to see what they were doing!





Thursday 31st January

The children in Year 5 are drafting a narrative linked with their Learning Journey on Plastic having watched a short 35 sec animation on a plastic bag floating up to a sea of plastic that is being blown into the sea. This is the initial draft for the first 8 seconds of the clip by Samuel. We can’t wait to read the whole story!

The young girl nonchalantly strolled across the abandoned road, oblivious to the cloud of death hovering just metres above her. She sauntered a little further and then glanced up, resting her eyes on the gracefully, floating jellyfish that had caught her eye. With a sense of adventure, her inquisitive nature reached out and she grabbed a tendril with her hand. Now airborne, a regrettable pain gurgled in her stomach and she wanted to come down but it was too late; she had to face her terror-stricken next few seconds head on.

And Ben has drafted and amazing piece of work as well:

As the boy sauntered through the deserted streets, the amber glow of the sunset sky shone upon him. Oblivious to his surroundings; lost in his thoughts, until a jellyfish shaped figure, elegantly glided past him. With great curiosity, he clinched onto the tendrils and was immediately airborne in the cluttered, plastic cloud of the once clear sky.

Up, up, up he flew until he was higher than the tallest building.

Anxiety filled his heart as he continued to rise. Although he had a fear of falling, he was overwhelmed by the vast tsunami of plastic invading the sky.

Mysteriously, more and more of the planet’s plastic pollution was pulled into the eerie atmosphere.

Suddenly he found himself being carried by a sea of waste, heading to an unknown destination. The sky darkened as the sun appeared to cower in fear from the frightful events that were taking place.


Monday 28th January

Silver Birch demonstrated the IB Learner Profile of being ‘Caring’ in our recent maths lesson on areas of triangles. Once they had mastered identifying the base and height of different triangles (right angled, acute angled and obtuse angled triangles) they supported their peers.


Friday 25th January

Year 5 enjoyed investigating the ‘super polymer’, hydrogel, that can be found in disposable nappies. The removed the hydrogel from nappies (from Asda and Sainsbury) looking at the volume they extracted from the different brands.

They looked at the reaction that occurred when they added 100ml of water having learnt that hydrogels are able to absorb large amounts of water and they possess the ability to respond to changes in their environment.

They had the opportunity to feel the gel that formed – such fun!

Monday 21st January

Year 5 spent time on Friday making ‘Milk Plastic’ – casein plastic – from milk and vinegar. They learned that in the early 20th century, milk was used to make many different plastic ornaments —including jewellery for Queen Mary of England! 

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“The Arrival”

WHERE WE ARE IN TIME AND PLACE: Migration occurs out of necessity or to seek new opportunities

Tuesday 18th December 2018

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Look at some of our ‘creative’ Home Learning Presentations on migration that our children have shared today.


Tuesday 4th December

#LeighIdeas Final


Thursday 29th November

Unbeaten after our first two games!

Monday 12th November

#LEIGHIDEAS2018 with Year 4 and 5

Tuesday 6th November

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“THE SKIN I’M IN……….cannot tell my story.”

WHO WE ARE: Understanding our differences can help us live with others

13th September:  Open Afternoon

Year 5 had a ‘fun’ afternoon when the parents joined us on Open Afternoon. Parents joined in mixing skin tones and then painting a ‘collaborative’ picture of Nelson Mandela linked to their Learning Journey this term.

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