Year 5

Year 5



“The Arrival”

WHERE WE ARE IN TIME AND PLACE: Migration occurs out of necessity or to seek new opportunities

Tuesday 4th December

#LeighIdeas Final


Thursday 29th November

Unbeaten after our first two games!

Monday 12th November

#LEIGHIDEAS2018 with Year 4 and 5

Tuesday 6th November

Click on the images below to read our Dictogloss at the start of our topic on migration.

Click on the image below to view our Term 2 Newsletter.


“THE SKIN I’M IN……….cannot tell my story.”

WHO WE ARE: Understanding our differences can help us live with others

13th September:  Open Afternoon

Year 5 had a ‘fun’ afternoon when the parents joined us on Open Afternoon. Parents joined in mixing skin tones and then painting a ‘collaborative’ picture of Nelson Mandela linked to their Learning Journey this term.

Year 5 Term 1 Newsletter


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