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Tuesday 4th December

Year 6 enjoyed an exciting day of outdoor learning last week, linking to the some of the children’s questions about their learning journey – Globetrotters. The children were split into teams and had to work collaboratively to complete four orienteering tasks. The children were competing to complete the tasks in the fastest time to earn stars for their team. The stars could then be exchanged for equipment to help them build a shelter in the woods.
The children developed their understanding of map symbols, how to follow maps and basic orienteering skills whilst also developing their ability to work as part of a team.
It was a fantastic morning and lots of fun was had by all. We are extremely proud of the children’s approach to these tasks and the determination they demonstrated throughout the day.

Thursday 29th November

Unbeaten after our first two games!

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WHO WE ARE: Our body is made up of systems that is affected by the choices we make.

First Aid in Year 6

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18th September

In gymnastics, we have been practising the following shapes – straight, tuck, pike and straddle. Today we worked in threes to begin to create a routine to music that incorporates these four shapes. We thought about different ways of transitioning from one shape to another.

In our Learning Journey lessons we have been learning about the skeleton, muscles and joints. We created our own models of the elbow joint, showing how antagonistic muscles work together to relax and contract when the arm is moved.

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Year 6 Term 1 Newsletter

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