Principal’s Blog – 28th February 2016

Principal’s Blog – 28th February 2016

It has been a very busy week back.  This is such a short term that we have to cram six weeks of learning into four weeks and four days!  And we are certainly trying!

Terms 3 and 4 are a special time in our learning calendar when suddenly, whatever year group children are in, things begin to ‘click’ and the learning embeds and accelerates.

We have just finished  Parents’ Consultation evenings.  It is essential  for your child that you meet with the class teacher and although most parents have been with us this week, a few have not – either through illness or for other reasons.  Please contact the school office in order that we can book you in at an alternative time, teachers have so much to share with you and your child takes such pride and such enjoyment in knowing you have been in to look at their work and their classroom.

Whatever year group your child is in – there is one common and essential theme – please read with your child and discuss what you are reading together.  Comprehension is essential – not just the ability to read the words on the page; deduction and inference rather than straightforward retrieval of information is a development as your child becomes more fluent.  Helping your child learn spellings and tables is the other essential.  Children cannot learn these on their own.  Tables need to be learned as multiplication and as division bonds.  Spellings can be learned via games, colour coding, look, cover, say and check, air writing, writing on each other’s backs and so forth.   The expectation within the new curriculum is much greater than before.

‘There is pressure on our children just so that the school looks good in the league tables’.  Apparently a view held by some parents.  Well, we would not be telling the truth if we said league tables are not important, sadly, that is how we are judged.  You would not choose to send your child to a school who received a judgment of ‘Requires Improvement’ or ‘Inadequate’ which is what would happen if we did not remain in a good position within the league tables.  HOWEVER – we still hold the view that education is more than Reading, Grammar, Spelling and Maths – no matter how important these are, there are other qualities which are not measurable in the same way which are equally as important.  Confidence, kindness, tenacity, a charming personality, willingness, a desire to help others – the so-called ‘soft skills’ without which our communities would be far poorer places.

Tomorrow is 29th February – the day when traditionally women are allowed to propose (as if we needed permission) so we look forward to hearing about any forthcoming nuptuals!  Last chance for another four years!

Lorraine Hollingworth