Principal’s Blog – 1st March 2016

Principal’s Blog – 1st March 2016

March 1st – Happy Saint David’s Day!

So – I know that the focus recently has been on ‘Expected Standards’ and a tougher curriculum.  Are we losing sight of creativity and fun?  Sometimes it feels a bit like that – but last week we made a determined effort to remind the children (and ourselves) that we learn better if we ‘do’ than if we are passive and that we learn better if we are having fun.  Science Day last week was terrific.  In the middle of two parents’ consultation evenings the teachers prepared activities which fizzed, whooshed, burned, smelled and for some – there was even magic involved!

Cries of ‘Wow’ echoed around the corridors and children could not wait for playtime to end so they could move onto the next activity.

It didn’t end on Wednesday…. this morning Mrs Green and Mr Higgs held a Science Themed Assembly.  Their visual aids?  Red balloons, a net, a leaf blower and some paper plates.   Can you guess what science learning this supported?  (Answers on a postcard.. or read on…)

Biology was the theme….. the red balloons representing red blood cells, the blower representing the pumping blood out of the net (the cut knee).  Scary how many balloons were ‘pumped’ out by the heart.  Luckily, Mr Higgs explained, the body has platelets (hence the plates) which help to prevent the red blood cells from escaping!

We have an amazing team of creative, energetic and talented teachers who really work together, young and not-so-young to design original and engaging activities to support learning.  We have amazing children who join in with gusto and enthusiasm, really engaging with the spirit of things.

Here’s to tomorrow, Thursday and Friday when we have ‘West End in School’ – fabulous, high quality interactive, practical learning and Dressing Up day to celebrate Book Week!  Who says learning has to be dull!

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