Principal’s Blog – 5th March 2016

Principal’s Blog – 5th March 2016

‘Painting the Modern Garden’

How lucky we are to be just 30 minutes away from central London on the train!  On a grey and very chilly Saturday morning my journey was made even more interesting by chatting with two of our ex-Hartley, now Longfield girls who told me all about the exciting times they are having. Leaping onto the number 38 bus which stopped right outside the Royal Academy (I was being treated by a ‘Friend’ of the Royal Academy) we entered the world of warmth, sunshine and colour which was the ‘Painting the Modern Garden’ exhibition of paintings.  Whilst the Monet’s Waterlilies were the big draw, the whole exhibition was wonderfully vibrant, lively and really enriched the soul.  Some of the paintings shouted across the room and some promised tranquillity and peace.  This collection is at the Royal Academy until 20th April, so perhaps if there is a grey and dreary day over the Easter holidays you might consider fitting in a visit.  Of course, a visit to Fortnum and Mason across the road is also not to be missed!

I wonder if, like me, you take living so close to the most exciting city in the world somewhat for granted? Whenever I go, which is not often enough, I am rejuvenated and promise myself I will do it more often.  Well, time will tell….. and very soon now.

Thank you so very much for supporting World Book day and embracing the event with such enthusiasm – as did the staff.  Sadly I was at a rather formal meeting where dressing up might have raised a few eyebrows!  Mrs Goosani was at the same meeting and came back to school in order to meet the children – and enjoy your and their efforts in producing such imaginative outfits.  I did enjoy seeing Ronnie dressed as ‘The Hungry Toilet’ – who wouldn’t?.  Willy Wonka and Mary Poppins presented Golden Ticket prizes and Mrs Thomson won the staff prize for a wonderful hand sewn and designed Golden Ticket outfit!

‘West End in School’ worked with every class interpreting ‘Gangsta Granny’ and ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ and we even had an Artist In Residence, Laura Webb, working with Years 3 and 4 on the same book theme.

All in all – a great week!

See you on Monday – if all goes according to plan, Mrs Lambourne will be in hospital for a surgical procedure and will be recovering for the next two weeks; we are without a Vice Principal and an Assistant Principal so I have my fingers crossed for a quiet time!

Lorraine Hollingworth