Principal’s Blog – 13th March 2016

Principal’s Blog – 13th March 2016

Year 5 are currently studying Ancient Greece as part of their Quest work.   They will have learned that the Gods on Mount Olympus found we humans interesting playthings.  And…. did they have their fun last week?

If you have time to read these blogs you might recall that last week I signed off the blog with the hope that it would be a quiet week, particularly in light of the absence of both Mrs Lambourne and Mrs Adams.  At this point, the Gods on Mount Olympus, or the modern equivalent, must have chortled as they dialled Ofsted Head Office and made sure our name came up on their list for Wednesday and Thursday!

It just goes to show – you always have to be on your toes and ready for anything in this life!

Your children were amazing – by the way!  But we would have been surprised if they had been anything else. I hope you will forgive us for giving them a small treat on Friday afternoon in the form of a DVD.

The excitement did not stop on Thursday.  On Friday morning, School Council had a visit from Jeremy Kite who leads Dartford Borough Council.  He delighted the children who learned a great deal from him.  Thank you to the School Council and Mrs Creed for organising them.  They are busy again this week with Sports Aid on Friday.  I believe there will be sponsored walking and wearing of sports kit – all in a good cause.  I feel as if we are asking you to contribute to a lot of charities just now, but the calendar is just packed with such events in a short space of time.  Please remember that even a small amount will help swell the total and will make a difference.

This is the last week of clubs this week – although it feels as if we have only just started!  On Wednesday teachers in Years R, 2 and 6 will be meeting colleagues from across the Trust to moderate children’s writing;  we do this regularly to ensure that we are in agreement about what Expected Standards look like, given there is no external paper.  Mr Dutton and Miss Galinis are both training to be KCC Moderators; their job will be to visit other schools to support their teachers in making the appropriate decisions.  The experience they gain from this is invaluable.

It has been a roller-coaster of a term – not least because it has been so short and we have had to concertina a normal 6-week term into just over 4, but with Easter Bunny hunts looming (the PTA is as busy as ever following their Mothers’ Day stall and the very successful Quiz Night) and the end of term zooming towards us at supersonic speed we are gearing up for another very busy week ahead.

Best wishes to you all this week – and thank you so much for your support during last week’s inspection.

by Lorraine Hollingworth