Phil Edwards from Weald Tech inspires KS2 with assembly on record-breaking designs

Phil Edwards from Weald Tech inspires KS2 with assembly on record-breaking designs


The children and teachers in Key Stage 2 were inspired by the owner of Weald Technology, a company whose vision is to inspire every child to experience and appreciate the value of science and engineering through their sustainable transport innovations.

The children learnt about the various forms of engineering: mechanical, electrical, electronic, aerodynamics, structural….. as well as the roles that engineers hold within the designing, making and testing of the products. Phil talked about the skills of tenacity, creativity, communication and teamwork that are required when working as an engineer; all those skills that we are developing with the children at Hartley through our journey to a Thinking School.


Phil Edwards, the owner and founder of the company, went on to talk about their UK Record Breaking Electric Bike, which broke the UK record for electric motorcycle drag racing and their aim to now beat the World Record set by the Americans. Children saw computer generated images of their design and had opportunities to ask questions about their new developments.

Year 6 had further time with Phil, to watch video clips of their UK Record Breaking bike and a chance to ask further questions for a Newspaper Report they were going to write about Phil’s visit.

Phil was very impressed and emailed:

The questions were excellent, particularly from year 6, and two really stand out… 

1.       “What’s been your biggest disappointment?” – what a brilliant question!

2.       “Do you take the electric motor out to charge it?” – that lad should be an engineer as he’d listened to the talk and been wondering ‘so how does that work, then?’ 

A lovely morning, at a lovely school; once, again thank you very much.

I will keep in touch as we are developing workshops around the motorcycle project and “future transport”.

Mr Dutton has written a testimonial for Weald Technology:

“Phil visited our school to give an assembly to our Key Stage Two children. They loved his talk and PowerPoint about the electric bike that he invented and the subsequent British speed record that his company achieved! He engaged and interested them further with details of his upcoming world record attempt for later this year and the new bike that will be being ridden in this attempt. The questions the children had at the end were of a very high level, showing how interested and motivated they were by the visit. We look forward to hearing that, hopefully, Phil and his team beat the American world record! Thank you to Phil for giving up his time!

From all at Hartley Primary Academy.”

Click below to read Harry’s Newspaper Report.


We want to thank Phil Edwards for the time he spent inspiring our children and wish him and the team all the best in the completion of their new World Record Breaking Electric Bike and hope they achieve their goal in breaking the record this year.