Our Latest News – Following on from the Summer Fair!

Our Latest News – Following on from the Summer Fair!

Summer arrived with our Summer Fair!  What a fantastic day Saturday was, with a wonderful turn out and no rain!  Our PTA did us proud and I would like to thank them on behalf of the entire Hartley community for their hard work, commitment and most of all Time. Everybody had a great day and we had a record breaking amount raised in the Pound in the Bucket!  We have yet to hear the grand total raised overall, but I do know that PTA members were in school working late into the evening, counting the takings.

Our staff and children also worked hard to make the fair an enjoyable and memorable event, giving up their time to prepare and facilitate activities.  We opened the event with our Bugsy Malone performance, organised by Miss Shorter with Year 3 and we were entertained all day by the football tournament organised by Mrs Fewell and Mr Dutton.  The day was a real example of how the whole community pulls together to have a fun day and raise funds to make things even better for our children at Hartley.

Our Year 6 children had an exhausting but fulfilling trip to Holland, and were all buzzing when they returned – full of stories about their trips and the fun they had.  Thank you to all the staff who organised the trip and to those staff who went to Holland.  My thanks to Mrs Lambourne, Mr Dutton, Mr Goldsmith, Mrs Mead and Mrs Skinner.  Residentials really are a 24/7 job and it is hard to fully appreciate how much work and preparation goes into a trip like this. The staff came back exhausted but full of praise for the children and how they behaved. They even said they would do it again!  A special thanks to Mrs Hollingworth who gave up her time to accompany the children, I know she had a wonderful time and that everyone appreciated her being there.

Our Year 4 children had an adventure packed weekend in Suffolk the highlight being their street party on the Saturday night and a surprise visit by Mr Higgs who could not attend the whole event due to a knee injury. Thank you to Mrs Adams and all the staff who facilitated this trip – Miss Grundy, Mr Goldsmith, Mr Adams, Mrs King and Mrs Bruce – they were equally sleep deprived on their return!

We have many more exciting events coming up this term, Sports Days, Year 6 performances, Year 1 are out to Buckingham Palace and Year 2 to Botany Bay for their annual trip.

With all of this going on I would like to thank you all as parents for your ongoing support of your children with their learning at home. The children’s homework is an important part of their education, providing additional practice to embed concepts and also a discipline that will give them better chances as they get older and have more expectations about independent working. Homework is also a chance for you to spend time understanding what your child is covering at school and identify any challenges they might be having which can, in turn, help us to plan effectively to meet their needs.

As the staff move forward through Term 6 I would like to thank all of them for their relentless efforts and dedication to the children of Hartley, there are many exciting events planned in the Summer Term but the staff maintain a focus on learning at all times ensuring your children achieve the very best they can whilst having fun in an enriched curriculum.

Let’s hope that Summer really is here and that we actually get some sunshine, especially on our Sports Days!  I look forward to seeing you all then.

Happy Summer!

Mrs S Goosani