Parent Governor Election Result

Parent Governor Election Result

Parent Governor Election

Thank you to those parents who voted in the recent Parent Governor Election and thanks also to the nine candidates – Mrs Besly, Mrs Curran, Mr Freeman, Mrs Mbeah-Bankas, Mr McCafferty, Mrs Pitt, Mrs Taylor, Mr Waller, and Mr Weaver for standing for election.  We received 119 ballot papers with 119 votes cast and the result was:

Mrs Olivia Besly                               2 votes
Mrs Claire Curran                             4 votes
Mr Daniel Freeman                         20 votes
Mrs Henrietta Mbeah-Bankas          13 votes
Mr James McCafferty                       5 votes
Mrs Sarah Pitt                               24 votes
Mrs Mary Taylor                             32 votes
Mr Daniel Waller                            15 votes
Mr Matthew Weaver                         4 votes

Mrs Taylor is therefore duly elected and we welcome her to the Hartley Primary Academy Development Group and look forward to working with her.

Mrs S Goosani