Principal’s Blog – A new term, a new year!

Principal’s Blog – A new term, a new year!

Teachers and Teaching Assistants have been busy over the summer break, clearing and preparing the classrooms for your children’s return. The site closes for children but it’s still a hive of activity for the 6 weeks we don’t see your children!

The children have settled well into their new classes and staff have enjoyed their first three days with them. Already classes are taking advantage of the lovely weather we still have, using our Outdoor Learning areas to explore and create labels for classrooms using natural images.

Using the outdoor environment is a big drive for us this term. We have so much space, providing so many opportunities to apply literacy, maths and science skills and we have timetabled regular slots for every class throughout the year. Some children have already bought their rain clothes and wellie boots in; please remember they will need these when the weather changes as classes will use the outdoors in all conditions! There will be storage boxes provided outside each classroom for the children to keep their boots and rain coats in (please ensure wellies and waterproofs are named, thank you).

We have welcomed Miss Gould to Elm Class in Year 1 and she has reported that her class have had great fun so far! We also welcome Miss Clark and Mr Harrington to Year 3 and Year 5 respectively, working alongside Miss Grundy and Mrs Mead this year.

For those children who have school dinners they will hopefully have come home telling you how wonderful the school lunch is! We have been delighted with the menu and quality of food provided by Olive Dinning, so much so that Mrs Lambourne, Mrs Adams and myself have been tucking into a school lunch every day! As soon as an online payment system is set up we will let you know. For the time being, payments can be made by cash or cheque (made payable to Olive Dining). Please can we request that parents pay weekly in advance every Monday morning (please send in £11.00 per child per week in a sealed envelope).

Mr Goldsmith has been very busy over the summer break with the installation of new fences, gates and pathways. The new fences provide greater security for our children. The final phase of the project will be completed when the gates have an electronic access system installed during October’s half term. The access gates will be on a timer system – the Upper playground’s gate and Fairby Lane’s gate will be automatically locked after drop off and opened again for the afternoon collection times. Round Ash Pre-School children now have their own route via a new pavement down the side of the staff car park, accessing their building from a new entrance gate behind the kitchen (again, this will be on a timer-control system). The footpaths to the pre-school and out to Fairby Lane will be lit as the mornings and evenings grow darker, providing much safer and easier access to the site.

We also have a new path via the Upper playground trim trail to access the Lower playground. This has proved very successful so far and reduces congestion past the Year 1 classrooms (always a bottle-neck for parents with buggies!). Elm and Oak fire exits also have new ramps installed to improve accessibility. We owe a huge thanks to Mr Goldsmith for planning and coordinating these projects, given the small window of opportunity we have whilst school is in recess – I am sure you will be reassured to know that your children’s security is always paramount in our site improvement plans.

One final mention about communications via email. We are aware of issues relating to email addresses with the btinternet.com suffix – and indeed – Google Mail and AOL addresses are also problematic. We have alerted our comms provider to the issue and hope to resolve this very soon.  We will also be issuing our Diary of Events shortly to parents – this will be uploaded to our website for your convenience.

Thank you for all your smiles in the playground and warm welcomes to all our team at the beginning of term. It is lovely to be back and we are all looking forward to an exciting and productive term ahead!

Kind regards,

Mrs S Goosani