Term 2 is off to a busy start!

Term 2 is off to a busy start!

Dear Parents and Carers,

It was lovely to see so many of you at the recent parent evenings. These are such important events and the staff enjoyed the opportunity of sharing the successes that your children have achieved in such a short space of time.

We had the first of our new parent Open Mornings this week where potential parents of new children for next year’s Foundation Stage had the opportunity to walk around the school and see what goes on across all our year groups. Our visitors described the children as delightful, confident and a credit to us all. We were very proud of them; all the children in every class were engaged in their learning and they were happy and focused. Our PTA also did a wonderful job meeting and greeting our prospective parents and demonstrating what a positive community we benefit from at Hartley. Thank you to our PTA as always.

We do have a very active PTA but we always welcome, and indeed, need, more members to help – even if it is only for events (I appreciate it is not always to come out to evening meetings). Please do get in touch with us if you feel you have some time to offer. We have the Christmas Fair coming up (Saturday 3rd December) and this is an exciting and busy community event where every bit of help is needed!

Children in Need is also approaching next week – please remember that the theme this year is spots! Letters came home this week and we have further details of the day on our website. We are asking for a £1 donation from each child for coming into school in their own clothes. The School Council is running a number of fundraising activities on the day and we are asking for cake donations for the Cake Sale on Friday afternoon – thank you in advance!

The Parent Survey, Term 2 is now open! Please go to the Parent View web page to access the survey.

School bags are becoming an increasing problem in the corridors as the children need to bring in bigger coats and waterproofs. I have noticed a number of bags that are not really suitable for school which are large and difficult to hang on pegs – some children are also bringing handbags. Whilst the bags are lovely we are not able to hang them all safely which means coats and bags fall on the floor and then get trodden on. I spend a lot of time walking up and down corridors picking up children’s belongings and trying to hang them back on pegs to keep them safe.

With this in mind, I would like to give you notice that after Christmas, we will be reinforcing the uniform policy concerning school bags. In Key Stage 1 there is no need to bring a bag other than a book bag and a packed lunch bag. PE kits are brought to school at the beginning of each term and remain on pegs. In Key Stage 2, children should have a school back-pack which is easy to carry and hang on a peg. The back-pack should be no larger than approximately 45cm x 35cm in dimension. PE kits remain in school so there is really no need for anything bigger.

I hope you appreciate the need to reinforce this, we do not want expensive coats becoming dirty and damaged because they fall on the floor due to over sized school bags. Thank you for your cooperation.

Our Christmas production rehearsals are in full swing! You can view the Christmas production dates here and we look forward to seeing our parents and grandparents at these performances. We will, of course, provide more details nearer the time.

Mrs S Goosani


Upcoming Events:

Children in NeedFriday 18th November (children can come into school in their own clothes, with a spotty theme. Please can we ask for a £1 donation, thank you.

Year 4 Egyptian Day – Friday 25th November

PTA Funky Headwear Day – Friday 2nd December (bottles and sweets for the tombola please – ready for the fair on the following day)

PTA Christmas Fair – Saturday 3rd December