Volcanoes in Year 4

Volcanoes in Year 4

Year 4 began our exciting Quest topic of volcanoes by learning about the layers of the Earth. To demonstrate this, they used Play-Doh to make their own earth!


First they made a sphere using red Play-Doh to represent the core.

They learnt the core could be as hot as 5,500 degrees C,






For the next layer, the mantle, they flattened some orange Play-Doh and wrapped it around the core.

Interestingly, they discovered the mantle is mostly made from semi-solid Iron and Nickel.





With a lot of hard work, a third and final layer was added, the crust.

They used blue Play-Doh to show the water covered, thinnest layer of the Earth.




Finally, they delicately cut through our earths so we could see each layer as a cross section.







This was a very effective way for the children to learn about the layers of the Earth! Some of them were happy with our hemisphere of Play-Doh.





Others were still happy, even though their hemispheres were a little squashed!