Year 3: Rocks and Soils Day with Mr Berry

Year 3: Rocks and Soils Day with Mr Berry

Thursday 19th January

Year 3 had an amazing day with Mr Berry finding out about Rocks and Soils. They participated in lots of fun and exciting science investigations and challenges with a science expert, Mr Berry.

First they identified different rocks by what they looked like, felt like and if they could be scratched.  They looked at different minerals and learnt funny ways of remembering what the rocks were called.


They then learnt how sedimentary rock is formed.  They made a model of a mountain, river and sea using sand, water as rain and plasticine dinosaurs. Their dinosaurs were washed into their ‘sea’ by the rain which explained how dead animal bones become fossils and part of sandstone and other sedimentary rock. The sediments (sand) quickly surround the animal before it decays.