Principal’s Blog – Before we depart for Holland

Principal’s Blog – Before we depart for Holland

Dear Parents and Carers,

I am writing my blog the week before half term as I am heading off to Holland with Year 6 next week. We are all looking forward to the trip and the children who are not going have an exciting week planned at Hartley.

Following my previous blog regarding fidget spinners we now, sadly, have another craze coming into school. Instead of fidget spinners children are now bringing in fidget cubes. Unfortunately whilst these toys are made with good intentions they are actually becoming very distracting in class and disrupting learning. Please can you ask children to keep these toys at home unless you have been advised by Mrs Adams that your child would benefit from one due to Special Educational Needs.

We have two big items of news. The first is that Miss Foster gave birth to a beautiful baby girl within hours of going on maternity leave! We wish her and her family the very best and can’t wait to meet baby Edie!

The second big item of news that we have as we come to this end of this half term is that Mrs Lambourne has been offered a very exciting secondment opportunity. Mrs Lambourne will be working in Dartford Primary Academy as the Associate Principal from this September until April 2018 to support the school whilst they secure a candidate for the permanent position.

Whilst we are all very excited for Mrs Lambourne it is with a very heavy heart that we let her go! For me, in my short time here, Mrs Lambourne has been the most amazing support and friend. We have forged a very close working relationship and as a result, intend to continue and extend this with her role in Dartford Primary Academy – so both schools benefit from her expertise.

I know that parents and staff who have known Mrs Lambourne for such a long time will be very sad but please join me in congratulating her and wishing her all the very best. We look forward to her return in April next year!

Best Wishes,

Mrs S Goosani