Chicken Wired visits Year 3!

Chicken Wired visits Year 3!

Year 3 have had an amazing morning making sculptures with Mr Norman from Chicken Wired! The children started their day by seeing some of the incredible crafts Mr Norman has dedicated his life to creating. We were all inspired by his ability to produce almost anything from one simple material – chicken wire! From animals to plants; people to robots, Mr Norman has an incredible talent he enjoys passing on to the children.

Starting with Maple Class, later moving onto Ash Class, Mr Norman explained what he had planned for the children. The children were going to be making their own 3D fish sculptures from chicken wire and tissue paper. The children gathered around for a demonstration where Mr Norman showed the children how best to recreate the fish. The children listened intently and understood how important precision would be in this activity.

Soon enough, the children were starting to create their own sculptures. Initially, we had to make sure we could see what we would be cutting out so Mr Norman came prepared with some templates that the children needed to trace with a coloured pen. This would make it easier to see where to cut the two pieces of wired that would be attached to make the fish.

It took a lot of hard work and perseverance to ensure we each had two complete pieces ready to create the sculptures. All children behaved responsibly with the tools and showed their tenacity by not giving up. Once everyone had cut out their wire and attached them to one another, they could begin to add a huge variety of colours using tissue paper. The children were allowed to create whichever pattern they wanted and they put a lot of effort into their work. The finished results were beautiful. All had a fantastic, interactive and creative day.

A very special Thank You goes to Mr Norman and his Chicken Wired Workshop!