Welcome Back from Mrs Goosani

Welcome Back from Mrs Goosani

12th September 2017

Dear Parents and Carers,

Welcome Back!

The first week has flown by with the children settling in well and showing a great deal of enthusiasm for their new topics.  It was lovely to see so many of you at our Meet the Teacher evening last week.  We found it very beneficial to hold this event earlier in the year; teachers were keen to share the curriculum and get to know you all at the beginning of the term.  All class powerpoints will be published on the website this week.

Following Mrs Lambourne’s secondment to Dartford Primary Academy as Associate Principal we have made some temporary  changes to the leadership structure.  Mr Dutton, Mrs Smith and Miss Galinis are all now Assistant Principals.  Mr Dutton leads on Key Stage 2, Maths and Assessment, Mrs Smith leads on Curriculum and Key Stage 2 Literacy and Miss Galinis leads on Key Stage 1, Foundation Stage and Literacy in Key Stage 1.  This has provided a great opportunity for them for their professional development and also enables us to retain the outstanding staff we value so much.  In addition to this we have continued with our Year Champions who support the sustainment of standards in specific year groups.  Mrs Bransgrove is the Year Champion for years 5 and 6, Miss Balrow for years 3 and 4, Miss Lawford for years 1 and 2 and Mrs Green for Reception.  I am sure you will join me in congratulating them all in their new and continued roles.

We have finally agreed our Vision Statement!  A year after our Meet the Teacher 2016 when we invited parents to share their views on what was important in school, we have collated the views of children, Governors and staff.  The overwhelming majority of people quoted happiness as being the single most important factor supporting the children in succeeding in school.  Our Vision Statement was presented to the children in assembly and the children are being taught how to sign the key words.

Hartley Primary Academy – Vision StatementVision Statement Image

Happy – Because we are all safe, inspired and empowered to be the best that we can be.

Positive – Because we all work together, supporting each other with self belief and self    motivation.

Achievers – Because we are determined to achieve what we set out to do and more.



Stay and Play

Following conversations with parents last year it was clear that we need to do more as a school to develop partnership working and engage parents and carers, where possible, with their children’s learning experiences.  We announced in our Summer newsletter that we would be introducing Stay and Play sessions three times a year, where we invite you to dip into your children’s day at school, experience a snapshot of their day and have some fun along the way!  This is NOT a parent consultation or a time to discuss your child’s progress or issues you may have; these conversations need to be had during a pop in, or at parent consultation evenings later in the year.  The purpose of Stay and Play is for you to have fun, see your child in a school learning environment and work alongside them as they are completing an activity.  We are all very excited about this and are very much looking forward to welcoming you into school in this new way.

The dates and times for each year group are published below.  If you do intend to come along please return the return slip on the letter which came home so we have an idea of numbers – please return the slip to your child’s class teacher.  

Please come to the main office to sign in any time after 2.30pm, you will be welcomed in and shown by pupils to the right class.  You can then stay until the end of the school day.  Please do not worry if you are later than 2.30pm – the children will be immersed in their activities when you arrive.  If you are able, please do not bring younger siblings in with you as space in classes is limited.  That way, you and the child you are visiting will get more out of the experience.  We have taken the decision not to allocate a day to Reception just yet, as we feel the children are still settling into their new routines at this stage of the term.



2nd October       


3rd October              


4th October              


5th October            


6th October              

Year 4 Year 1  Year 2  Year 3 Years 5 & 6

The Hartley PTA

Our PTA have held their Annual General Meeting and reported a hugely successful year.  As a result we are now able to choose, purchase and install an outdoor classroom to further  support our outdoor activities.  Sadly this may be the last major project the PTA can fund as they are struggling to recruit new members and a new chairperson.  

Without a chairperson for the PTA it will cease to function and all the fairs, movie nights and discos will stop.  PLEASE CONTACT THE PTA IF YOU ARE ABLE TO ATTEND 3 MEETINGS A YEAR AND SUPPORT THEM.  The PTA will be holding an extraordinary meeting this evening, starting at 7.00pm.

Year 3 had a great day yesterday when they were visited by Miss Galinis’ mum and ex-student, Shaun Fishenden who talked about the history of New Ash Green, linked to the 50 year celebration of the village.  The children loved it and learnt a great deal.

Also yesterday, Year 5 and 6 had incredible start to their Learning journey project visiting Chessington World of Adventures.  We are anticipating some exciting writing and design technology work as a result!

Kind Regards,

Mrs S Goosani