5th January 2021 – Update

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Dear Parents/Carers,

Following the further announcement from the Government last night, Hartley Primary Academy will only be open to vulnerable children and children of critical workers until at least 22nd February.

During the first lockdown in March 2020 we had a maximum of 7 children who accessed childcare in school, at our hub at Milestone. Today we have in excess of 100 children registered to access childcare provision in school. As we have a very high number of critical worker children I would once again ask that you all consider very carefully whether you need this childcare. It is very important that our vulnerable children are prioritised and as we move forward and circumstances change we may need to prioritise children where both parents/carers are critical workers and whose work is critical to the coronavirus (COVID-19) response.

Although we are restricting movement around the school and ensuring that bubbles do not come into contact with each other, in the event of  a positive case reported in school, that bubble will be sent home and required to isolate for ten days. 

We would like to remind parents of the government’s reasons for closing schools, the DfE state:

limiting attendance is about reducing the number of contacts that all of us have with people in other households.’

And goes on to say …

in the face of the rapidly rising numbers of cases across the country and intense pressure on the NHS, we now need to use every lever at our disposal to reduce all contacts outside households wherever possible.’

As we are now in a full lockdown, and the intent of school closures is to limit the number of people leaving their homes and minimising contacts with others wherever possible, I would ask you to consider if you do still need to send your child into school, where they will be potentially in contact with up to 20 other children and adults in their bubble.

If children are able to be supervised at home, whilst accessing their remote learning, by an adult in your household (who is not a critical worker) then this is by far the preferable option and ensures they are not unnecessarily exposed to contact with other households.

If, following the government’s announcement, you have decided not to use the childcare facility at school, please let us know via email office@hartleyprimary.org.uk as soon as possible. If your child falls under one of the ‘vulnerable’ categories and have been invited to attend please also email if you wish to decline their place.

We will update you further as we work with the Trust to understand the longer term implications of school closures on our capacity in relation to staffing and IT resources.


Kind regards

Nicole Galinis