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Welcome to Hartley Primary Academy’s virtual tour. Thank you for taking the time to have a look at our school – we know you have an incredibly important and difficult decision to make about where to send your child and we hope that our video assists you in this process.

Last year we were unable to invite parents in to view the school, due to COVID restrictions, so we created a video to help parents learn more about our school. Please take a look to get an idea of what Hartley is about, but more importantly, please do register to attend one of our Open Mornings. These are being held on Thursday 11th, Tuesday 16th and Wednesday 24th November. We have sessions at 9.30am and 10.45am. To book your place please email office@hartleyprimary.org.uk

Miss Nicole Galinis | Principal

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We don’t have a catchment area as such because it varies year on year. For the intake in September 2020 places were offered to families up to 1.011 miles from the school. Families from further afield also got places if they had a sibling link. The sibling link only applies if the family still resides at the same  address as on National Offer Day, or if they have moved closer to the school.

For September 2020 we had 76 families who put us as their first choice. We have space for 60 children so sadly not everyone got their first choice. In total we had 183 families who put us as one of their three choices. 

If more than 60 apply for Hartley we follow our oversubscription criteria. Children are ranked in order, starting with children in care or previously looked after children, then children previously in care outside of the UK, third is siblings (only if the sibling link has been maintained – it is broken if the family move further away from the school), after that we have children of teaching staff at the school, then health and special access reasons (if our school specifically is needed to meet medical or social needs that cannot be met elsewhere – evidence must be provided at the time of application) and finally nearness of children’s homes to the Academy – distance is measured in a straight line using the National Land and Property Gazetteer (NLPG) address data point and is not based on postcode.

Admissions Arrangements

Most years about half of our cohort is made up of siblings. In September 2020 we had 39 siblings.

Yes you can add your child to the waiting list. In most years there have been one or two places that have become available, with people choosing to move out of the area for example. It is always worth putting your child’s name on the waiting list! The waiting list is ranked in the same order as our admissions criteria.

If you know that an error has taken place in the ranking of your child and this error was down to the school or to Kent then yes you can appeal; for example if your child is fostered or adopted, has a sibling in the school and you have not moved since applying for their place or you have submitted evidence for health and special access reasons. Appealing because you are not happy with the school you have been offered is a costly and time consuming process for the school and does not result in your child being given a space. 


  • Grey or black trousers/tailored shorts/skirt or pinafore dress/summer dress – red check.
  • White shirt/polo shirt – which must be worn tucked in.
  • Red sweatshirt/cardigan/fleece.
  • Black shoes – not trainers. No open toed or backless shoes.
  • Grey/black/white socks or red/grey/black tights.

For Outdoor Learning – please ensure children have wellies and waterproofs/outdoor coat, thank you.

PE & Games Uniform

All children are expected to change for P.E., which is a compulsory subject and your child will need:

Indoor Kit*:

  • Plimsolls – preferably elasticated sides for younger children.
  • Black shorts.
  • P.E. T-shirt in House colours: Leopards – Green, Lions – Red, Pumas – Blue, Tigers – Yellow

* Foundation Stage need only an indoor PE kit and trainers are not required – velcro fastening on plimsolls please.

Outdoor kit for all children:

  • A dark tracksuit
  • Suitable sports trainers. (For Infant children these should fasten with Velcro.)

PE kits should be kept in a named bag, which should be in school every day. All kit should be named. Jewellery such as watches and stud earrings must be removed and hair must be tied back.

Trainers are not allowed except for P.E.

School uniform can be purchased online via Brigade Uniform.  New customers will need to register on the site; please select Hartley Primary Academy from the drop down menu.  Delivery direct to your home is between 14 to 21 days and the cost of delivery is £2.95 (free for orders over £50.00).

All children in reception, Year 1 and Year 2 are entitled to a ‘Universal free school meal’. We also provide a fruit/veg snack for each child in these year groups. Children in Years 3-6 can have dinners if parents choose to pay for them. The current cost is £2.40 per day. We use Parent Pay to book school meals, even if you do not need to pay for the meal you still need to book it. You may be entitled to Free School Meals if you are in receipt of income support. Please make sure you claim for this, even if your child gets Universal Free School Meals anyway, because it means the school will get additional funding to support your child’s education.

We take advice from the nurseries on this and will separate children that do not work well together. Our priorities when organising classes are making sure we have a balance of boys/girls, older/younger and SEN needs in each class. We try to ensure children have a familiar face in their class where possible but cannot guarantee they will be with their best friend.

Please look at our Behaviour Policy and our Anti-bullying policy on the policies page.

Ordinarily we open our doors at 8.45am. Children in Reception finish at 3.15pm, children in Years 1 & 2 at 3.20pm and those in Key stage 2 (Years 3-6) finish at 3.30pm. Due to COVID-19 we currently have staggered start and finish times for all year groups and we may not return to our previous arrangements for some time, if ever. We will keep you informed if you choose to send your child to Hartley.

For other timings please see our A to Z Guide below.

A to Z Parent Guide

Currently we are not running any after school clubs, due to COVID-19 but Play2gether (a paid after school care facility) runs in our school hall everyday until 6pm. Ordinarily we have a range of after school clubs for Years 1 to 6 which finish at 4.15pm. Please see our A to Z parent guide below for a list of previously run clubs,

A to Z Parent Guide

Yes we do. Squirrel Breakfast Club runs five days a week for children in Years R to 6. The current cost is £3.50 per day. Ordinarily our breakfast club starts at 7.30am and children can arrive anytime between 7.30 and the start of the school day at 8.45am, although they need to arrive by 8.15am if they wish to have breakfast. Please see our website for the parent contract and registration form. Whilst we are still dealing with COVID-19 we have separate start times and entrances for each year groups, so flexibility over arrival times is not currently possible. Hopefully we will be back to normal by September 2021.

Our email address is office@hartleyprimary.org.uk and the phone number is 01474 702742.

Yes, providing you have let us know who will be collecting them. When your child starts in reception you will be asked who you are happy to collect your child. The staff keep a list of the people you have named and will not let your child go with anyone else unless you have sent in a note or spoken to a member of staff. 

Ordinarily we speak to the nursery/pre-school that your child attends and try to visit your child while they are in their setting, in the summer term. Children who attend our nursery will come over for play sessions in the summer as well. We have a transition morning for the children in July,  where they will come in, in half class groups, to meet others who will be in their class and get used to the environment and staff. In September the teachers and TAs will visit you and your child in your home so that they can ask and answer questions and get to know your child a little more. 

We have a gradual start to the Reception year. Usually the children will do a few half days (half the children in the morning and half in the afternoon), followed by about a week and a half of staying for the morning and lunch and then around the end of September they start to stay all day. This academic year the children started full time on 24th September.

In Reception we don’t give the children ‘homework’ but do ask that they share reading books daily. Your child will be able to change their reading books everyday and will have one book for you to read to them and one for them to ‘read’ to you. We also send home phonics sheets so that you know what phoneme they have learned each day. The children can colour the picture and practise the letter formation but we do not collect the sheets back in. Most importantly we ask that you talk to your child a lot to develop their speaking and listening skills and play games to help them develop turn taking skills and to cope with losing!

During your child’s time at Hartley there will be trips, swimming lessons, residential trips and shows/visitors to the school that do cost us money. We ask for parents to make a contribution to these events. In Reception we have a Forest School ranger who comes to run Forest School sessions in our woods. The children participate in 6 sessions, twice a year. It is approximately £20 per 6 sessions. Reception also usually go to Godstone Farm, which costs about £16.