Guide Dogs in Year 1

Guide Dogs in Year 1

On Friday 29th January Lynn came to talk to Year 1 about Guide Dogs for the Blind. She bought her Puppy in training with her. Her name is Ava and she is a beautiful Labradoodle.


Lynn showed us how she has to check Ava to make sure she is fit and healthy. Ava was amazing and let Lynne check her properly.


Next Lynn showed us how she takes Ava for a walk and showed us how she responds to her commands.


Ava also has to learn to wait and be patient. These are important skills for her if she becomes a Guide Dog.

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At the end Ava was given lots of fuss and had a lay down on her special blanket.

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We were very grateful to Lynne for coming in and thought Ava was fabulous.

We raised £56.00 with your voluntary contributions – Thank you all very much.