Letter to Parents/Carers

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Dear Parents/Carers,


So, here we are, three weeks into remote learning and it feels like the right time to say a massive thank you for everything that you as parents are doing for your children. The work the children are completing on Tapestry and Google Classroom is excellent and the number of children engaging with the work is almost at 100% across all phases.

Let’s not pretend that this is an easy time for anyone, because it most certainly is not, but the way you have all supported and helped teach your children via online learning has been brilliant so far.

We know the toll this whole period is taking on everyone socially and mentally so please remember that if anyone ever needs to talk through any problems, issues or ask for help, we are all here to listen and help whenever we can.

Please remember, and don’t worry that, some days will be harder than others: if you have to have an afternoon away from online learning, do it. If you have to play a game or watch a film with your child and family to help them destress, do it. Your children’s, and your, mental wellbeing is just as important at this time and this needs to be looked after too.

We have been putting some resources and links on our website that you might find useful. Take a look at the Home Learning section to see support videos on home learning and using Google Meet, links to various reading materials and some information on keeping your child safe when completing online learning. The Hartley Staff Read Alouds are also there if youneed a little down time – pop a story on for the children to listen to while you take a break!

As of yet we have no further information on how long school will remain closed to the majority of pupils, but the Government has ‘promised’ that we will get two weeks notice before opening. Hopefully we will have good news for you soon. In the meantime, we will continue to provide a remote education and ask that you please contact us if you need any assistance.

Look after yourselves and each other and remember that each day we get through is one day closer to us being able to welcome all our children back.


Kind Regards,


Nicole Galinis