Modern Foreign Languages

At Hartley Primary Academy, we understand the importance of introducing languages at a young age. This enables children to build confidence in their language skills, before beginning formal language learning in Key Stage Two. Introducing foreign languages at a young age also enables children to develop an appreciation of other languages and cultures.

Throughout Key Stage One, a variety of languages are introduced, often through the morning register. Children learn basic greetings and use these in their daily routine.

Formal language teaching begins in Key Stage Two, where children follow the Language Angels scheme of work. This programme teaches a range of vocabulary through speaking, listening, reading and writing activities. The activities include songs, structured worksheets group games and interactive software to develop confidence in language learning.

We aim to focus on skills when teaching languages. This enables a smooth transition to secondary school, where children may be required to learn different languages to those learnt in primary school. We are committed to developing confidence in learning languages and showing children the importance of communicating in different languages.

Miss Tennant

Languages Coordinator

Hartley Primary Academy: Progression of Skills