As Plato famously said, Music gives a soul to the universe, which is why at Hartley Primary Academy, music is a key part of our learning and our lives.

At Hartley, we encourage our pupils to develop a love of music and provide a variety of opportunities for the children to grow into young musicians. We help the children to build confidence to perform in front of their parents and peers, whilst at the same time encouraging all children to experience music, using a range of instruments.

In lessons, children are encouraged to listen to, evaluate and compose taking inspiration from a wide range of genres, styles, traditions and historical periods. We believe that music can give children aspiration, self-confidence, creativity and pride and this is why we strive to provide a high quality experience in this area of the curriculum.  The children are given the opportunity to play the recorder and peripatetic teachers can come in a deliver musical instrument lessons, should parents want to arrange this. KS2 children engage in a singing assembly weekly, where they explore songs and music making.

The school choir has a number of ‘professional engagements’ during the year; they have recently performed in a concert at school and they often open the Christmas Fair with a selection of seasonal songs and sing within the local community during December. In July we participate, along with local Primary schools, in the Longfield Music Festival, an annual event held at Longfield Academy.

Parents who play an instrument or have an interest in music would be most welcome to come into school and take a club in order to extend opportunities for music-making.

Mrs Adams

Music Coordinator

Department of Education – Music programmes of study – key stages 1 and 2