Physical Education

At Hartley Primary Academy, we aim to ensure that all children enjoy and understand the basic principles of physical activity and experience a balanced curriculum of: Gymnastics, Dance, Games, Swimming and Outdoor Adventure throughout the year.

Within their lessons, teachers plan for:

  • Acquiring and Developing Skills
  • Selecting and Applying Skills
  • Knowledge and Understanding of Fitness and Health
  • Evaluating and Improving Performance

We have recently invested in gymnastic equipment including new and exciting climbing frames for Key Stage 1 and for Key stage 2. We are constantly updating provision for all learning.

Details on how recent funding from the Government has been used can be found here.

At Hartley, we encourage the children to join in after school sports clubs which have included: boys football, girls football, tag rugby, netball, cricket, rounders, tennis, badminton, bench ball, and speed stacking.

Various teams represent our school and play in different tournaments within our local area or friendly matches in nearby schools.

Mrs Fewell and Miss Gould

PE Coordinators

Hartley Primary Academy: Progression of Skills

Department of Education – Physical education programmes of study: key stages 1 and 2