Plans for School from 8th March

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Dear Parents/Carers,


As you know, the Government has said it is safe for all pupils to return to school on Monday 8th March. Our school routine, staggered start and finish times and year group bubbles will remain the same as they were before we broke up at the end of Term 2. Here are some reminders:


The children will be kept in their class ‘bubbles’ of 30 children for the majority of the time, but year group ‘bubbles’ will be used for some events, where class ‘bubbles’ are not practical. Arrival, departure, playtimes and lunchtimes will be organised in year group ‘bubbles’. Staff will also work within the same year group ‘bubble’.

Children will not be expected to socially distance from one another but they will be asked not to touch each other, hug or have close face-to-face discussions. Staff will continue to socially distance from pupils as much as possible.

Safety Measures

As well as the “Bubble Groups”, other measures are also in place and enforced to minimise risk. These measures include:

  • Regular handwashing and hand sanitising throughout the day, in line with Government advice.
  • Instruction for children as to how to move safely around the school if necessary, e.g to designated outdoor areas and toilets.
  • Learning spaces, and where appropriate play spaces, are thoroughly cleaned with antiviral cleaner at the end of each day
  • In Key Stage 1 and 2 pupils are allocated their own work resources, e.g. pencil/pen which they can keep in their tray. Other resources which need to be shared will be cleaned at the end of the day.
  • Additional resources and equipment are assigned and limited to each ‘bubble’ and they will be washed at the end of each day or set aside for 48 hours (72 hours for plastic resources).
  • Expectations about sneezing, coughing, tissues and disposal (‘catch it, bin it, kill it’) as well as the importance of avoiding touching the mouth, nose and eyes with hands, are reinforced.
  • Children experiencing symptoms of coronavirus will be isolated immediately and parents will be contacted. 
  • Wellbeing sessions will take place daily to support children in the transition back to school.
  • In line with Government guidance the Academy Behaviour Policy has been amended to reflect these changes and this can be found on our website. 

Drop Off and Collection

To reduce the risk of contamination, parents of  will not be permitted to enter the school grounds or building. Drop off and collection should be done by one adult only please. We will continue to utilise the three access points: Fairby Lane Gate, Round Ash Way Gate and Lower Field Gate. Please see the table below for a reminder about which year groups should arrive/depart from each gate and at which time. 

The barrier to the carpark will be lifted until 9.30am to allow parents to distance themselves as they bring children through the car park to line up at their collection points. Please take note of the floor markings to help you keep two metres away from each other. No parents are permitted to drive into the carpark unless they have a visible blue badge displayed on their windscreen. 

Parents are requested to stay behind the floor markings and keep communication at the gates to a minimum. Please do not come any closer than 2 metres to any member of staff and make sure your mask is properly in place with your mouth and nose fully covered.

The ‘bubble’ drop off and collection times are as follows:

Bubble Drop off time Collection time Gate
Nursery Timings dependant on session times signed up for – please see information provided by Nursery. Lower Field Gate
Reception 8:40am 3:00pm Roundash Way Gate
Year 1 9:00am 3:20pm Roundash Way Gate
Year 2 8:35am 3:10pm Lower Field Gate
Year 3 8:55am 3:20pm Lower Field Gate
Year 4 9:05am 3:30pm Lower Field Gate
Year 5 9:00am 3:30pm Fairby Lane Gate
Year 6 8:50am 3:20pm Fairby Lane Gate

Please be prompt to prevent anyone having to wait in a busy area and to enable staff and children to have moved away before the next ‘bubble’ arrives.


Play2gether will start on 8th March with children in sectioned off year group areas in the hall.

Breakfast Club

Breakfast club will also recommence for all pupils on 8th March.

Start times are as follows:

Year R at 7:40am 

Year 1 at 7:45am 

Year 2 at 7:35am

Year 3 at 7:50am.

Year 4 at 7:45am at the Lower Field Gate. 

Year 5 at 7.45am at the Round Ash Way Gate.

Year 6 at 7:35am at the Round Ash Way Gate.


We would like to request that parents continue to limit the number of settings that their children attend, to reduce the risk of cross-contamination. We cannot demand this but would urge you to reduce where you can. If you require more sessions at Roundash to help you with that, please do contact us via the Nursery email address.


The children will be receiving a full curriculum upon their return. All subjects, including P.E, will be taught, but our main focus will once again be on reconnecting children with school and behaviours for learning so that progress is accelerated, restoring knowledge through an accurate audit of the emotional and academic needs of the children and rebuilding systems & routines so that wellbeing is high and the quality of education remains outstanding.

Water Bottles and Lunches

Lunches will be eaten in the hall in year group ‘bubbles’. Children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 are entitled to their Universal Free School Meal but must still remember to order via Parent Pay. Children in Key Stage 2 can also order a hot meal via Parent Pay. If your child wishes to bring a packed lunch,  please remember their lunch box/bag should be clearly named on the outside.

EYFS and Key Stage 1 will be provided with fruit/veg snacks as usual and Key Stage 2 children will need to bring in their own fruit or vegetable snack if they want one. 

All children will need to bring their own labelled water bottle which they can refill, as required, from the classroom tap. Water coolers will not be in use but the water in the classrooms is drinking water too.


All children will be expected to come to school in full school uniform.

  • Grey or black trousers/tailored shorts/skirt or pinafore dress/summer dress – red check.
  • White shirt/polo shirt – which must be worn tucked in.
  • Red sweatshirt/cardigan/fleece.
  • Black shoes – not trainers. No open toed  or backless shoes.
  • Grey/black/white socks or red/grey/black tights.

P.E Kits

We would like children to come to school in their kit on their P.E days.  

Year R will have P.E on Wednesdays

Year 1 will have P.E on Mondays and Fridays

Year 2 will have P.E on Mondays and Thursdays

Years 3 and 6 will have P.E on Tuesdays and Fridays

Years 4 and 5 will have P.E on Mondays and Thursdays 

P.E kit is as follows:

  • Plimsolls or trainers (velcro fastenings for any children who cannot do their own laces)
  • Black shorts/dark tracksuit – this should be plain black, dark blue or dark grey.
  • P.E. T-shirt in House colours: Leopards – Green, Lions – Red, Pumas – Blue, Tigers – Yellow

Children should not wear earrings or watches on P.E days please and anyone with hair longer than chin length should have their hair tied back.

Resources from Home

Children will not be permitted to bring any resources from home, other than their water bottle, packed lunch (if they have one) and their reading record and reading book. Reception and Year 1 children should continue to use a bookbag (no rucksacks or other types of bags please) and from Year 2 upwards we would like children to use a drawstring bag. Drawstring bags hang flat once items have been removed, which will mean we won’t have the problem of hugely overcrowded cloakrooms, leading to coats, etc, being knocked on the floor. 


From March 8th, attendance once again becomes compulsory and we will be reinstating our usual absence protocols. If your child is unwell,  please call the absence line on 01474 702742 to let us know they will not be in and what is wrong. If we do not hear from you, Mrs King will call to find out where your child is. Unauthorised absences will once again be subject to fines. No holidays will be authorised during term time, unless there are exceptional circumstances, but after such a long period of time off school, we would hope that no one will be planning to remove their child from school.

Social Distancing

We would obviously like to avoid needing to close any bubbles so it is essential that everyone follows the guidance, wears masks at drop off and collection and socially distances from staff and other parents. ‘Contact’ with a positive case, leading to self isolation, is counted as being within 1 metre of someone who tests positive for 1 minute only or within 2 metres for 15 mins (in one single go or several shorter times that add up to 15 mins) regardless of whether you are indoors, outdoors, wearing a mask or not! 

The government has indicated dates on the pathway out of lockdown, but these dates are not fixed and are highly dependent on everyone sticking to the rules and waiting until the appropriate time to move into the next phase. It is not time yet to start socialising and mixing in large groups. We shouldn’t be going into other people’s houses, having ‘play-dates’, getting in other people’s cars or being closer than 1 metre with anyone outside of our household or support bubble. If we follow the timeline presented by the government then there is a pathway out of lockdown by the summer, but if people decide to ignore advice we could potentially end up with lockdown extending and schools even closing again. None of us want that to happen! So please keep your distance from others and do not hang around chatting to other parents before or after school and do not assume that because the children are at school together means they are ok to go to each others houses to play – this isn’t allowed until at least May! Thank you.

We can’t wait to see all the children back on Monday 8th March. Our priority again will be getting the children back, safely and happily. Keep up the great work with the home learning over the next week – you are doing an amazing job and we are very grateful for all of your support. See you all soon!


Kind Regards,

Miss N Galinis