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Week 3 (Week beginning 20.04.20)

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Tuesday 31st March


Amazing Animal Adventures

Click on the link below to download a pdf  ‘AMAZING ANIMAL ADVENTURES‘ to help you, through movement, play, stretching, massage, breathing, affirmations and visualisation to have some Amazing Animal Adventures!


For the visualisation at the end of the session, click on the sound file, VISUALISATION below to help you use your imagination and visualise a story – helping you feel calm and relaxed.

(Please be patient, it may take time to download)

VISUALISATION: Jack and the Beanstalk (mp3 sound file)

Then give yourself a ‘New ANIMAL name‘ ! Click on ‘ANIMAL NAME‘ below to find out how to give yourself a new name.


Then why not complete a WORDSEARCH or a COLOURING SHEET. Click on the links below.




Friday 27th March

Year 1 Week 2 Home Learning

By the time we come back to school we would like you to have completed these daily challenges. Please complete the challenges in your home learning book.

Please send us a daily journal note on Class Dojo to let us know when these activities are completed. It is not a requirement to send photo evidence but if you would like us to see what you have been up to at home please do.

Monday 23rd March

Thank you so much for all of your messages and pictures on Class Dojo. It has been great to stay in touch and see all of the fantastic things that the children have been doing.

Just to let you know that parent requests to join Class Dojo will be politely declined. This resource is for use by the children only to allow them to stay in contact with their class teacher, as well as allowing us to complete an online register for these children.

Friday 20th March

To keep in touch with your children we have set up a ClassDojo community for your class. Your child can access the class community on a computer, iOS device or Android device. Details on how your child can login are detailed below.

We would like your child to login every day and say ‘Hi’ or ‘Day 1 done’ to maintain that very important link with their teacher (Please see below on how to add a comment). Teachers will also be able to remind the children about their Home Learning and let them know when new work has been set; encouraging children and keeping that contact with all the children in the class. If children have any questions regarding the work set by teachers they can contact us using the ‘journal’ button. If we consider the question relevant to the whole class, it will be answered on the message board.

Class Dojo Letter

We have shared the home learning resources for the next week with you and for those of you whose children were not in we do have resources for collection if you are able to organise for someone to collect before the end of the day of today. Please keep visiting this page for further resources to support your child at home.

In the response to the ongoing situation, PhonicsPlay has made the decision to allow free to access to its site with immediate effect. Click here to login to their site and then simply use the log in details provided on their homepage.

Thursday 19th March

We have provided the children with home learning books and 5 day’s tasks (due to start on Monday) to complete for their return to school. There is an expectation that all activities will be completed and returned to school. 

If the school is closed for longer than a week, another set of tasks will be uploaded to the school website. 

In addition to these tasks, please read with your child daily and practice times tables. Websites such as https://www.topmarks.co.uk/maths-games/hit-the-button are a useful resource.

Please see the link below for the first 5 days of tasks and the Year 1 reading challenge.

Year 1 Reading Challenge

Year 1 Home Learning Week 1




“Wonderful Wildlife”

Sharing the Planet: Human Actions Affect Wildlife.

Welcome to the Year 1 page.

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Learning Journey Challenge


“Super School”

How We Organise Ourselves: People often have roles to play in building a school community.

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Making Pizzas!

On Friday we made pizzas! Before we started we washed our hands with soap and water to get rid of all of the germs. We studied the ingredients before and after they were cooked to see how heat changes the appearance and texture of them. The process is called an irreversible change. After that we wrote instructions for making them. It was great fun and the best part was definitely when we had a ‘pizza picnic’ and ate them! They were YUMMY!

Stick Towers

In week 1 the children had lots of fun running through the woods and collecting sticks. They then had the challenge of balancing them to make a tower. They were very creative and the towers were all sorts of shapes!

Winter Walk

Year One enjoyed exploring the school grounds on Monday 20th January looking for signs of winter. We found lots of ice!

Mr Goldsmith visit!

On Monday 13th January Mr Goldsmith came to see Year 1. Our topic focuses on our school community and this week we are considering important people in the school and how they help us. We were very interested to hear about his different roles and how he solves problems to keep us all safe.

Kitchen Visit!

In Week 2, we went to visit Nikki in the kitchen to find out about her role in the school. She showed us some of the equipment she uses and told us how she stays safe. We walked around the kitchen and looked at the food being prepared for our lunch and even saw her recipe book on the side!


“Happy Historians”

Where We Are In Time And Place: Significant Events and People Shape Our Lives

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Space Biscuits

To finish off our Space topic we decorated biscuits. We added water to icing sugar to make icing and coated our biscuits with it. Then we added sweet stars and silver balls to be planets. They looked great and tasted yummy!


Nebular Jars

In Year 1 we created Nebular jars. We had a wonderful time making them with cotton wool, glitter, sequins, and coloured water. These jars represent the galaxy. The children used a range of colours and especially enjoyed shaking them and watching the glitter move around inside the jar.

Sergeant Griggs visits Hartley

On Friday 15th November Sergeant Griggs visited us to tell us all about his work in the RAF. He is actually Mrs Sullivan’s brother! We looked at his photographs and his medals. Afterwards he let us try on his uniform and ask him questions.

Outdoor Colour Hunt

This week Year 1 went into the woods to explore with colour charts. In pairs the children had to find natural objects which were the same colour as the ones on their charts. It was lots of fun. The signs of Autumn were everywhere and there were signs of Winter coming too.

Remembrance Day

The children have come back to school full of energy and ready for learning this week. We have begun our new topic ‘Happy Historians’ by looking at how soldiers help us and what they do. This links in with Remembrance day next Monday. We  included activities in Challenge time which are linked very closely to this. The children enjoyed using water pistols to shoot real and alien words then use their segmenting and blending skills to read them. They have had lots of fun dressing up as injured soldiers and being doctors to make them better! The bandages were well used! For our Physical skills area they had to perform exercises like a soldier would, like marching.



“Amazing Me!”

Who We Are: Knowing how the body works sometimes helps humans care for themselves.

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Autumn Walk

In Year 1 we study the Seasons throughout the whole year. On Friday we went outside to look for signs of Autumn. We found different coloured leaves on the trees and lots of dry leaves on the ground. It was great fun collecting them and then jumping in the big leafy mounds! Some of us even enjoyed kicking the leaves and watching them float in the air. Lots of the children became Autumn Angels by lying on the floor and doing angel shapes in the leaves. On the bushes we found berries and blackberries which will be great food for the animals during the Winter months. The best part for lots of the children was being able to climb the trees and jump down afterwards.


On Friday 4th October we had a super time dancing throughout the day for our Danceathon for NSPCC. We showed off our amazing dance moves.

Forest School

What a wonderful time we had when Donna came to visit us and lead a Forest School Workshop. We made dens, swings, see saws, bow and arrows, pick axes and generally had lots of  fun being outdoors.

At the end we enjoyed hot chocolate while we talked about our adventures.

Thank you to all of the family members who joined us for such a fantastic morning.


The children have been working hard in Maths. They have learned to add using manipulatives and have then recorded these sums in different ways. The children have learned to use the ‘part, part, whole’ method to record and have grasped this concept very well.


Year 1 have also enjoyed some maths outdoor learning and have investigated number bonds to ten. They created some fruit skewers using their addition knowledge to add the right amount of fruit.


Elm class spent the morning investigating how to make teen numbers. We enjoyed working in pairs and developed our confidence adding larger digits together.


Year 1 had great fun looking at the different body parts. We made some lungs using plastic bags and straws to investigate what happens when we breathe in and out.

Sticky Tree Collage

Year 1 went outside to explore and look for interesting natural materials. We collected them and took them back to class. We used our sense of ‘touch’ to explain how they felt and our sense of ‘sight’ to describe how they looked.

Then we used the objects to make a big collage of an Oak and Elm tree for our outdoor areas.



“Super Stories”

How we express ourselves: ‘Stories can engage their audience and communicate meaning.’

Thursday 20th June

On Thursday the children bought some food to school for our PYP lesson. They were allowed to examine it using their 5 senses. It was great fun and the speaking and listening was incredible. They then needed to write about the food using their 5 senses and adjectives so that their sentences were exciting.
Here are two examples of their writing from Jack
and Max.

Thursday 13th June

In Year 1 this term we are looking at stories. For their Learning Journey project the children needed to think about their favourite story and create a poster, leaflet, booklet, scene or one of the characters. These are some of the stunning pieces of work we had.



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“Caring Communities”

How we Organise Ourselves: People in communities work together to keep us safe.

Wednesday 22nd May

In Year One we are looking at how we stay safe around water. We drew a pencil portrait of Grace Darling using light and dark tones.


We then wrote a fact file about Grace Darling and were amazed at her bravery in rescuing survivors from a shipwreck in a raging storm at sea.


Friday 17th May

We had an amazing time meeting Mr Lane and learning about the police force – some of us even got to try on the uniform and find out how heavy it is!


Thursday 16th May

A visit from Kent Fire Brigade…

Tuesday 30th April

Year 1 had a wonderful time visiting Hartley Country Club earlier today to take part in some sports taster sessions. We enjoyed meeting different members of our community and learning some new skills from them.

Wednesday 24th April

Year 1 had an amazing time at Kent Life exploring how different animals and plants help provide us with natural materials. We have all made some beautiful clay sculptures and really enjoyed petting some of the baby animals!

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‘Marvellous Materials’

How the World Works: Understanding the properties of materials can help us solve problems.

Tuesday 2nd April

During STEAM week we had a Meccanoid robot from UTC come to visit us. The robot copied what we said, shook our hand and was able to give us a high five! We were able to control the robot to move around the classroom as well as flossing altogether. We had a great time and really enjoyed dancing together!



We used the Osmo’s and really enjoyed drawing a picture and it appearing onto the screen of our Ipads.


Monday 25th March

After reading the wordless picture book’Journey’, the chn completed an outdoor learning challenge.
They had to choose a scene from the book and recreate it using natural resources from outside. Look at the amazing artwork that the chn created in small groups.

In Maths we have been looking at 2 digit numbers and identifying how many sets of ten and how many ones make up the number. We have used this knowledge to compare numbers to see which is the greatest and smallest.

For our Learning Journey project the children needed to choose one of the following options:

  • research recyclable materials

  • make something out of recyclable materials

  • create posters about recycling.

Thank you to parents and families for supporting your children with this work. We loved seeing what the chn had made and here are some examples of the projects the chn shared with us.

Friday 15th March

In Oak class we read Oscar’s Starry Night. We discussed the story then designed a teddy for Oscar. The children carefully sewed the felt together, filled it with stuffing and sewed across the bottom to close it. Then they used their designs to add the finishing touches. They look amazing!

We read the story of ‘The three little pigs.’ The children were told they would be authors and they planned their own version of the story. When the plan was finished they wrote the story as a book, with a beginning, middle and end.  Finally they were illustrators and added beautiful pictures to the story pages and front cover. This is Joey’s fantastic work.

Friday 8th March

We had great fun testing different materials for house building.

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“Wonderful Wildlife”

SHARING THE PLANET: Human actions affect wildlife.

Friday 8th February

Year 1 went to visit Year 2 to hear the stories that they had written about mythical creatures. The afternoon was thoroughly enjoyed by all!

Wednesday 6th February

Last week we wrapped up warm and went outside to look for animal homes. We looked high and low and saw birds and lots of minibeasts. The children were very excited moving logs, peering into bushes and looking into deep dark holes. They were all wondering what would live in there: ‘It’s a spiders home.’ ‘This is a bunnies house down here.’ ‘I can see a birds nest high up in the tree.’
There was lots of discussion about where the animals make their homes and how.
Later on that day, we were really pleased to see a crow feeding on the bird feeder which the children had made at the start of the week.

29th January 2019

In Year One we followed instructions to make fat balls to feed the birds.


We then hung them outside for the birds to eat. We are looking forward to seeing which birds will come and eat the bird food.

24th January 2019

Elm class had an amazing time looking at different creatures that we might find in the woodlands and learning about their features. We were super brave and open-minded when touching animals we were scared of!

10th January 2019

Elm class went out into the the woods – they had great fun looking at microhabitats to search for minibeasts and enjoyed using magnifying glasses to look at the creatures in petri dishes.


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WHERE WE ARE IN TIME AND PLACE: Significant events and people shape our life.

Wednesday 12th December

Year 1 have been making repeating patterns in Maths – ensuring the pattern is finished; there are photos of a car race we had in the classroom which enabled us to learn ordinal numbers and draw conclusions about the participants; there are 2 photos of the children using Modroc on a stick to learn about how a broken limb could be plastered; and finally some of the children wearing crowns they made after learning about Queen Victoria and Elizabeth.



Trench making

Both Elm and Oak worked together to dig a trench. We found it really tricky and messy but we learnt lots about how the men from WW1 must have felt.

Florence Nightingale Visits Year 1

In Year One we had a visit from Florence Nightingale. We learnt all about her family and childhood. We had to learn a dance.

Florence told us about how dirty hospitals were and we imagined we were in hospital.

We were asked to travel to Scutari to help Florence look after the wounded soldiers. The journey took two weeks and we had to travel by train, boat and horse and cart. When we arrived in Scutari the hospital was filthy so we had to clean the hospital and look after the wounded soldiers.


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WHO WE ARE: Knowing how the human body works allows us to better care for ourselves.

Year 1 Term 1 Newsletter