Year 2

Year 2


Week 7 (Week beginning 18.05.20)

Wk 7 Under the Sea Theme

Reading Comprehensions

Seashell Beach

My Scuba Diving Diary


Why Is It Important to Keep Our Oceans Clean

Maths Resources

Under the Sea Challenge Cards

Column Addition Differentiated Work


Column Subtraction Differentiated Work


Week 6 (Week beginning 11.05.20)

Wk 6 Around the World Theme

Reading Comprehensions

All about Africa

A Helicopter Tour of London

The Isle of Coll

I Do Like to Be Beside the Seaside

Around the world in 80 days

Maths Resources

Flag Problem Solving

Differentiated Flag Problem

Maps and Routes

Trains and Planes

Differentiated Time Sheet

Fraction Questions

Two Stones Instructions and Game Board

Week 5 (Week beginning 04.05.20)

Wk 5 Superheroes Theme

Reading Comprehensions

Superhero Times Activity Card

Superheroes and Comic Books Activity Card

The Fearless Four Activity Card

The Most Heroic Hero Activity Card

Kangaroo Kid Activity Card

Maths Resources

Create Your Own Superhero Price List

Differentiated Create Your Own Superhero

Superhero Word Problems

Differentiated Superhero Word Problems

I Spy

Differentiated I Spy

Superhero Code Breaker

Writing Resources

Comic Book Template

Week 4 (Week beginning 27.04.20)

Wk 4 Minibeast Theme

Reading Comprehensions

Beautiful Butterflies

Creepy Crawlies in the Garden

Ling the Ladybird

Make a Minibeast Mansion

The Cautious Caterpillar Reading Comprehension

Maths Resources

Place Value Number Detectives

Bee themed differentiated fractions challenge cards

The Cautious Caterpillar grid references

Writing Resources

Classifying Minibeasts

Insect information cards

Week 3 (Week beginning 20.04.20)

Week 3 Pirate Theme Overview

Reading Comprehensions

Stowaway Stefan

How to Make a Pirate Stew

Female Pirates

A Pirates Life For Me

A Pirate in my Paddling Pool

Maths Resources

Pirate Coordinates

The Mystery of the Missing Golden Goblet Challenge

Pirate Themed Addition and Subtraction Maths Challenge Cards

Pirate Reasoning Questions

Multiplication and Division Challenge Cards

I Spy

Number Bonds to 10

Writing Resources

Pirate Story Writing Activity

Motivation Tips!

We know that this is a strange time for everybody and the novelty of learning at home has worn off for some children! Every child is different and so these things will not work for everybody, but here are some tips to try and keep everyone motivated at home.

  1. Create a work space. It is important that children have a space they can associate with learning, separate from their play space. Try organising a pencil case or bag of resources that your child could use during their learning time. 
  2. Design a daily timetable together. This could be similar to the visual timetable we have at school, or a written list. Include compulsory activities such as maths, reading and writing, as well as physical activities and free time. 
  3. Organise the day into manageable chunks. At school we use 5-a-day routines and mindfulness stretches to break up lessons and encourage the children to ‘wake up their brains’.
  4. Reward effort. This could be verbal praise, in the form of a sticker chart or marble jar. Some children respond well to working towards an incentive (e.g. screen time or a particular craft activity). Positive reinforcement is the best kind and will hopefully encourage your child to continue the good work they are doing. 
  5. Adapt the tasks depending on your child’s frame of mind! If your child wakes up in a particularly difficult frame of mind, sometimes less is more! For example, instead of writing a whole fact file, try writing three different facts and a detailed drawing. 

We know that you are all trying your best and appreciate every effort that you are making. 

Wednesday 1st April

Lots of you have been trying very hard with your reading comprehension tasks. We know this is a challenge for some of you so here are some different reading activities. Instead of completing the reading comprehension tasks set, you could practice reading high frequency and tricky words on sight. We’ve also included some sentence matching activities for Phonics Phase 2, 3 and 5, as well as flash cards for the Year 1 and 2 Common Exception Words. You could print these, hand write them onto pieces of paper to make your own flashcards or read them from the screen. We hope this helps!

Year 2 Common Exception Word Flashcards

Year 1 Common Exception Word Flashcards

Reading Comprehension

Phase 5 Split Digraphs Matching Activities

Phase 3 Matching Activities

Phase 2-5 HFW Flashcards

Phase 2-5 Tricky Words Flashcards

Phase 2 Matching Activity

200 HFW

100 HFW

Tuesday 31st March


Amazing Animal Adventures

Click on the link below to download a pdf  ‘AMAZING ANIMAL ADVENTURES‘ to help you, through movement, play, stretching, massage, breathing, affirmations and visualisation to have some Amazing Animal Adventures!


For the visualisation at the end of the session, click on the sound file, VISUALISATION below to help you use your imagination and visualise a story – helping you feel calm and relaxed.

(Please be patient, it may take time to download)

VISUALISATION: Jack and the Beanstalk (mp3 sound file)

Then give yourself a ‘New ANIMAL name‘ ! Click on ‘ANIMAL NAME‘ below to find out how to give yourself a new name.


Then why not complete a WORDSEARCH or a COLOURING SHEET. Click on the links below.




Friday 27th March

Here are your tasks for Week 2 of home learning.

Year 2 Week 2 Home Learning

By the time we come back to school we would like you to have completed these daily challenges. Please complete the challenges in your home learning book.

Please send us a daily journal note on Class Dojo to let us know when these activities are completed. It is not a requirement to send photo evidence but if you would like us to see what you have been up to at home please do.

Below are the reading comprehensions required to complete the Week 2 tasks.

Turning Milk into Cheese

Victorian Toys Activity Card

The History of the Yoyo Activity Card

Mr Snuggles Gets Lost Activity Card

Go Fish Activity Card

Monday 23rd March

Thank you so much for all of your messages and pictures on Class Dojo. It has been great to stay in touch and see all of the fantastic things that the children have been doing. Just a reminder that children should be completing the work in the green books at the moment – the white activity packs are for what would have been the Easter holidays.

Just to let you know that parent requests to join Class Dojo will be politely declined. This resource is for use by the children only to allow them to stay in contact with their class teacher, as well as allowing us to complete an online register for these children.

Friday 20th March

To keep in touch with your children we have set up a ClassDojo community for your class. Your child can access the class community on a computer, iOS device or Android device. Details on how your child can login are detailed below.

We would like your child to login every day and say ‘Hi’ or ‘Day 1 done’ to maintain that very important link with their teacher (Please see below on how to add a comment). Teachers will also be able to remind the children about their Home Learning and let them know when new work has been set; encouraging children and keeping that contact with all the children in the class. If children have any questions regarding the work set by teachers they can contact us using the ‘journal’ button. If we consider the question relevant to the whole class, it will be answered on the message board.

Class Dojo Letter

We have shared the home learning resources for the next week with you and for those of you whose children were not in we do have resources for collection if you are able to organise for someone to collect before the end of the day of today. Please keep visiting this page for further resources to support your child at home.

In the response to the ongoing situation, PhonicsPlay has made the decision to allow free to access to its site with immediate effect. Click here to login to their site and then simply use the log in details provided on their homepage.

Thursday 19th March

We have provided the children with home learning books and 5 day’s tasks (due to start on Monday) to complete for their return to school. The children have also been provided with an Easter holiday activity pack that would usually be sent home on the last day of Term 4 in preparation for Term 5. There is an expectation that all activities will be completed and returned to school. 

If the school is closed for longer than a week, another set of tasks will be uploaded to the school website. 

In addition to these tasks, please read with your child daily and practice times tables. Websites such as https://www.topmarks.co.uk/maths-games/hit-the-button are a useful resource.

Please see the link below for the first 5 days of tasks.

Year 2 Home Learning Week 1

Below are the reading comprehensions required to complete the first 5 day’s tasks.

Diary of a Mermaid

Dilly and the Three Monsters

Fiery Dragon Jelly

Missing Unicorn

Unfortunately the Troll’s Trouble Reading Comprehension will not load to the website so we have uploaded a print screen of the page below.


Term 4

“No one is too small to make a difference”

Sharing the Planet: Responding to an ever changing environment may result in altered lifestyles.

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Term 3

“Planes, trains and automobiles”

How We Organise Ourselves: People use different forms of transport for different reasons. 

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Building Moving Vehicles!

To finish our topic this term, the children designed, made and evaluated their own moving vehicles! The children researched different ways to make moving axles and then worked in small groups to create their own projects. The children thoroughly enjoyed this task and were very proud of their final products!


As part of our topic this term we have been learning about vehicles and roads. The children in Year 2 planned and carried out an investigation to determine if the amount of friction from different materials has an affect on the distance a toy car can travel.


During the second week of term Take Pride came in to run some Active Minds sessions for the children in year 2. These sessions were thoroughly enjoyed by the children and we have continued to use their mindfulness and meditation techniques in school. Take Pride have provided us with some resources which are linked below.

Take Pride Mindfulness pdf

Term 2

“Exceptional Events”

Where We Are in Time and Place: Significant Events Shape Our Lives. 

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As part of our topic this term the children have learned about dinosaurs, and how their existence has shaped our lives. The children enjoyed learning about fossils and how we can use them to find out about the past. They thoroughly enjoyed making their own using a salt dough mixture. The children also learned about colour mixing and creating lighter and darker shades in art. They mixed a variety of shades of green to paint a diplodocus.


The children were very excited to see some real fossils! They enjoyed sketching them, looking closely at the different shapes and shading.

Tuesday 19th November

In science the children learned about an exciting exceptional event – the discovery of gravity by Sir Isaac Newton! We discussed the effects of gravity and how it can be affected by air resistance. The children undertook their own investigation to discover which material would be the most suitable to create a parachute.


“There’s no place like home”

Who we are: Where people live may determine who they are.

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Thursday 17th October

The children in year 2 were lucky enough to have a tennis lesson at Hartley Country Club on Thursday morning. They had a great time and showed some impressive tennis skills!

Monday 14th October

On Monday the children became architects for the day! They used their blueprints from the previous week to construct prototypes of unique houses. There were some amazing models and the children enjoyed talking about their creations.

Week beginning 7th October

As part of our Harvest Festival celebrations the children enjoyed learning about the Homowo Festival celebrated by the Ga people in Ghana. As part of their celebrations, the Ga people perform the Kpanlogo dance. During our PE lessons the children performed their own versions of this dance.

Tuesday 10th September

As part of our learning journey topic this term the children have been learning about the habitats of different animals. The children created their own animals using outdoor materials and chose a habitat for their animal. They were then asked to explain why the habitat they had chosen was a suitable place.

Outdoor Learning

Year 2 have enjoyed a range of outdoor learning experiences so far this year. They have fun creating their own Andy Goldsworthy inspired sculptures using natural resources.


During Outdoor Learning Week the children had the opportunity to create their own paintbrushes and paint using natural resources.


As part of our topic this term the children have been learning about the homes and habitats of animals. They hunted for minibeasts in the school forest and went pond dipping in the school pond to see if they could find any animals in these habitats.



“Express Yourself”

How we express ourselves: Creativity may allow people to show their ideas.

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‘Food Glorious Food’

How we organise ourselves: Most food goes through several stages of production before it gets to homes.

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‘I wonder….?’

How the World Works: Understanding the properties of materials can help us solve problems.

Monday 4th March

Our unit of inquiry this term is “Understanding the properties of materials can help us solve problems.” As part of this topic we have been looking at the story of The Three Little Pigs. The children in year two undertook an investigation to see which materials could be used to build the strongest house when tested against the Big Bad Wolf (a hairdryer!)

Click on the link below to read our Term 4 Newsletter.


“Then there were none…”

SHARING THE PLANET: Human actions affect wildlife.

Friday 8th February

Year 1 came to visit Year 2 to hear the stories that they had written about mythical creatures. The afternoon was thoroughly enjoyed by all!

Monday 4th February

We learnt about how different animals are suited to their habitats.
As part of our unit of inquiry this term we asked whether unicorns were extinct animals. We also asked whether humans had killed all of the dragons. This led to us writing our own stories about mythical creatures.
We have enjoyed participating in lots of outdoor learning this term. We particularly look forward to completing the weekly outdoor learning challenge!

Wednesday 16th January

We wrote a description using some of the fantastic vocabulary that we have been learning this term.
We created Endangered Animals Leaflets to let others know which animals are endangered, why they are endangered and how people can help these animals.
We enjoyed using our geography knowledge to find the location of some endangered animals on a world map. We also labelled the continents and the oceans.

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“Exceptional Events”

WHERE WE ARE IN TIME AND PLACE: Significant events shape our lives. 

 Wednesday 5th December

As part of our learning journey this term we answered the question “How was life different during the war?” We learnt about Britain during World War 1 and the children wrote letters to share the things they had discovered.

We have also been learning about the Great Fire of London and the children wrote a description using interesting vocabulary.

Friday 30th November

As part of our Learning Journey we have been looking at the Great Fire of London. The children built their own houses and recreated Pudding Lane. We then set fire to the houses to experience how the fire spread.

We are using the title:

‘Exceptional Events’

As part of this topic we have been learning about inventions and discoveries that have impacted and influenced our lives. The children learnt about Isambard Kingdom Brunel, a famous engineer who designed the first passenger train line from London to Bristol; they learnt about the difficulties he overcame to achieve this, as well as discussing how his work has impacted our lives today. 

The children created their own bridges and experienced first hand the challenges that Brunel faced when designing his railway. 


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“Blast Off!”

Year 2 Term 1 Newsletter