Year 6

Year 6



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Brilliant Me

Click on the link below to download a pdf  ‘Brilliant Me‘ to help you, through movement, play, stretching, massage, breathing, affirmations and visualisation notice how amazing your bodies are!


For the visualisation at the end of the session, click on the sound file, VISUALISATION below to help you use your imagination and visualise a story – helping you feel calm and relaxed.

(Please be patient, it may take time to download)

VISUALISATION: Be Confident (mp3 sound file)

Then give yourself a ‘New BRILLIANT Name‘ to remember how special you are! Click on the ‘Brilliant Me New Name Generator’ below to find out how to give yourself a new name.


Then why not make a dice, write a letter, use the conversation starter to talk with someone at home, write all about how ‘BRILLIANT’ you are or write words around your face!






Friday 20th March

We have set work for your child on Google classroom ‘Year 6 Home Learning’.

If you are having difficulty accessing this please let us know by Friday morning so that we can sort out any problems before closure.

We will continue to add activities and suggestions to the Classroom and your children will be able to keep in touch with their teachers who will be monitoring the work completed.

Can we please request that parents do not communicate with the teacher or other students in Google Classroom. If you need to contact the school, please email office@hartleyprimaryacademy.org.uk as you would normally do.

Keep checking this page for further resources or links to further resources to support your child’s home learning.



We hope that you all enjoyed the last few days of school. Here are some photos of our time in the forest, signing shirts and playing sports on Thursday and Friday. See you all soon!


The OceanMaker

Sharing the planet: People can make choices to support the sustainability of Earth’s resources.

Please click on the link below to find copies of Term 4’s newsletter, with details about our learning journey homework challenge, and the this term’s spellings.



“Decisions, decisions, decisions…”

How we organise ourselves: Governmental decisions may have consequences for people and the environment.

23rd January 2020

Well Done! 3rd Place in the Year 5 and 6 Athletics Competition

We have been using climbing frames and other equipment to develop our strength and agility during PE this term.

Year Six have been working incredibly hard on their writing this term. They are always trying to include advanced punctuation and vocabulary, and are so willing to independently make improvements to their work. It is lovely to see how much effort all of the children are putting into their writing. We know that it may look a little messy at times, but this clearly shows the effort the children are going to, to improve their work. Well done Year Six!

Please find below a copy of this term’s newsletter and spellings.



“World War II”

Where we are in place and time: Significant people and events shaped modern day Europe.

The Carol Concert at Milestone Academy today was a real success. Year 6 sang beautifully and showed impeccable behaviour throughout the entire morning.

Year 6 thoroughly enjoyed their visit to the RAF museum on Tuesday. They were fascinated by the planes and loved experiencing a WWII classroom, even if it was very strict. Year 6 were so well behaved and represented the school incredibly well. What a fantastic day!

Year 6 had a fantastic time learning to play tag rugby this afternoon, despite the rain and mud! The children have learnt about attacking and defending in rugby and effective ways of passing. They had such a positive attitude, even in such difficult conditions.

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“Around the World in Eighty Cultures”

Who We Are: People from different societies may hold differing perspectives but can be connected globally.

‘Gravesham Primary School 7s tournament’
On Saturday 28th September, 11 boys from Year 5 and 6 competed in the annual 7-a-side football tournament at Riverview Primary School. Not only did we win the large school tournament (the Cooke Shield), but also the overall final, which means that in November the team will travel to Thamesmead Town to represent Gravesham in the Kent finals! Well done to all the boys!

As part of our Learning Journey about different cultures, the children have made model villages from the Amazon. As you can see, they thought creatively and worked hard to create their models.

Year 6 were lucky enough to be the first year group to benefit from tennis lessons at Hartley Country Club. They listened carefully, practised a range of skills and began to put their new skills into a game scenario. The children are already so excited about next week’s lesson.

Redwood and Cedar thoroughly enjoyed their forest schools sessions this week! They created a God’s eye ornament, climbed trees, built swings and even enjoyed some lovely hot chocolate. Thank you so much to those of you who joined us on these days; we really appreciate the help.

On Monday, Year 6 learnt about Andy Goldsworthy, an artist who uses nature to create images and sculptures. They then used the forest environment to collect materials to use, to create their own artwork and sculptures. We think that they look fantastic!

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Welcome back and welcome to Year 6. Please click below to read or download our latest Newsletter and Home Learning.






How We Express Ourselves

A Hat-Trick of wins at the LAT Sports Day!


LAT Primary Cricket Competition

Quad Kids Athletics Competition

Wednesday 12th June

Stunning writing from Year 6!

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Wednesday 5th June

Y6 received a visit this week from our Community Warden, Jackie West, as well as a PCSO and a member of the Antisocial Behaviour Team from Sevenoaks Borough Council. The children found out about their roles in our local community, and enjoyed trying on some of the uniform too!




How we Organise Ourselves: Communities may work when members follow shared rules and laws.

Thursday 23rd May 2019

Day 4 of the Year 6 Residential to the Isle of Wight

Wednesday 22nd May 2019

Day 3 of the Year 6 Residential to the Isle of Wight

Tuesday 21st May 2019

Day 2 of the Year 6 Residential to the Isle of Wight

Monday 20th May

Day 1 of the Year 6 Residential to the Isle of Wight

Friday 3rd May

Charlie’s skill recognised…..

Tuesday 23rd April

Year 6 had great fun today investigating a crime scene as part of their Learning Journey entitled “Crimestoppers”.  They were asked to work in small teams to assess, photograph and record evidence of a ‘crime’ that had taken place in our woods. Here are some examples of their descriptions of some evidence found. Watch this space for updates on the crime!





Click on the image below to read our Term 5 Newsletter. As we have such a short term, with SATs and IOW, we are not setting a LJ Challenge this term.


“Sounds of Silence”

How the World Works: Light and sound influence the way we interact with the world.


Thursday 4th April

Bubbles within bubbles!


Wednesday 3rd April

Cedar’s Totem Poles…

Tuesday 2nd April

Meccanoid visits Year 6! Four Leigh UTC students spent the day visiting all the classes with Meccanoid.

Monday 1st April

What an exciting start to STEAM week when Cedar welcomed their newest addition!


The year 6 DT/Science Challenge in Cedar was to design and make a musical instrument that would play a simple tune.


DT/Science Challenge Day in Redwood – tuned percussion instruments….


Tuesday 26th March

Year 6 made worry beads to help when when they ‘feel anxious’ as part of their transition session with West Kent Community Youth Services – ‘Y6 Healthy Lifestyles’.

The first Bikeability sessions have taken place over the last two day. The children have been gaining the skills and confidence to ride their bikes safely on the road.

Friday 16th March 2019

Year 6 took part in Hartley’s Comic Relief Fancy Dress Fun Run on Friday – accompanied by Mrs Fewell who completed her ten laps!





Wednesday 13th March



Thursday 7th March

World Book Day in Cedar…

Wednesday 6th March

Year 6 participating in ‘Well-Being’ sessions…..

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Sharing the Planet: The ocean environment can be altered by human activity.

Thursday 14th February

The children were asked to research the following question:  ‘How are coral reefs being damaged by humans?’ Be creative – could you record your own news report (making your own video/radio interview), write your own newspaper article, make a 3D model, produce an information leaflet?

Some children created models, others made PowerPoints which they shared on our Goggle Classroom – this allowed the class to use the Chrome Books to view each other’s work as they were able to open the PowerPoints in Goggle Slides. 

Sunday 10th February

The children in Redwood have used the chrome books to research what the government and large companies are doing to address single-use plastic problem. Here are Tyler, Abigail and Ruby’s reports about what is being done to #passonplastic.



Friday 8th February

Children worked in groups to create a dance to tell part of the story of The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe. We used the following piece of music: ‘Camille Saint-Saëns – Danse Macabre’.


Thursday 7th February

Here are some examples of the artwork that the children have created having studied Pointillism.

Wednesday 6th February

Here are some examples of Redwood’s Narnia writing: we’ve written character descriptions, diaries, newspaper reports and a narrative piece. They’ve really enjoyed reading the book and are now looking forward to watching the film in its entirety!







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Tuesday 4th December

Year 6 enjoyed an exciting day of outdoor learning last week, linking to the some of the children’s questions about their learning journey – Globetrotters. The children were split into teams and had to work collaboratively to complete four orienteering tasks. The children were competing to complete the tasks in the fastest time to earn stars for their team. The stars could then be exchanged for equipment to help them build a shelter in the woods.
The children developed their understanding of map symbols, how to follow maps and basic orienteering skills whilst also developing their ability to work as part of a team.
It was a fantastic morning and lots of fun was had by all. We are extremely proud of the children’s approach to these tasks and the determination they demonstrated throughout the day.

Thursday 29th November

Unbeaten after our first two games!

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WHO WE ARE: Our body is made up of systems that is affected by the choices we make.

First Aid in Year 6

Click below to read some of Redwood’s writing this term:

18th September

In gymnastics, we have been practising the following shapes – straight, tuck, pike and straddle. Today we worked in threes to begin to create a routine to music that incorporates these four shapes. We thought about different ways of transitioning from one shape to another.

In our Learning Journey lessons we have been learning about the skeleton, muscles and joints. We created our own models of the elbow joint, showing how antagonistic muscles work together to relax and contract when the arm is moved.

IMG_0085 portrait

Year 6 Term 1 Newsletter