School Uniform

We are proud of our school uniform. It is designed to be simple and practical and solves the daily problem of what to wear. More importantly it gives a sense of belonging and pride. School uniform can be purchased from any outlet; items bearing the academy logo can be purchased via our official supplier – Brigade Uniform at a very reasonable cost.


  • Grey or black trousers/tailored shorts/skirt or pinafore dress/summer dress – red check.
  • White shirt/polo shirt – which must be worn tucked in.
  • Red sweatshirt/cardigan/fleece.
  • Black shoes – not trainers. No open toed or backless shoes.
  • Grey/black/white socks or red/grey/black tights.

For Outdoor Learning – please ensure children have wellies and waterproofs/outdoor coat, thank you.

PE & Games Uniform

Children should come to school wearing their P.E kit on P.E days. Parents will be informed about which days their child has P.E on via the Year Group newsletters at the start of the year.

PE Kit

  • Black shorts or black tracksuit (plain black with no patterns, stripes or large logos).
  • Both top and bottoms should be black. The only alternative to a black sweatshirt or hoody is to wear a red school sweatshirt or fleece.
  • P.E. T-shirt in House colours: Leopards – Green, Lions – Red, Pumas – Blue, Tigers – Yellow
  • Trainers (velcro fastening for children who are unable to tie their own laces)

Jewellery such as watches and stud earrings must be removed and hair must be tied back. If earrings cannot be removed then tape should be provided to cover earrings during P.E. Children will need to put this on and remove it themselves.

Trainers are not allowed except for P.E.