At Hartley Primary Academy, science will be taught in line with the National Curriculum and where possible through the philosophy of the PYP. Scientific activities will give all children the opportunity to explore materials, life and physical processes through scientific enquiry. Lessons will engage and stimulate questioning, curiosity and wonderment about the world around them. Not only will the children be taught the knowledge and understanding of scientific concepts, they will develop their investigative skills of planning, observation, fair testing and evaluating. Such skills as these are important for their future education.

Teaching through the PYP may mean that some key concepts will be covered at different stages of the child’s primary education rather than the phase suggested in the National Curriculum. Any key concepts that cannot be covered effectively in this manner will be taught discretely.

We are confident at HPA that our children receive a more balanced and relevant scientific curriculum by teaching through the philosophy of the PYP.

Hartley Primary Academy: Science Progression of Skills

Department of Education – Science programmes of study: key stages 1 and 2