Term 1 – Exploring ‘Who We Are’

Two young boys in school uniform wearing yellow aprons while playing with pots outside on the playground

During this term the children attending our nursery have spent a lot of time exploring their newly refurbished building and making many new friends. They have also learnt and understood what our school expects of them in terms of behaviours and personal conduct.

The children have been inquiring into ‘Who We Are’; discovering everyone’s similarities and uniqueness and thinking about each other’s families and homes using arts and crafts and storybooks. The children have particularly enjoyed creating their own self portraits using different materials.

Towards the end of term, the children began their learning about Autumn. Our outdoor learning adventures involved the children exploring the woods; looking at different woodland animal habitats. The children then enjoyed participating in discussions to learn ways we can all help to look after the animals and their homes.

Great fun was had when investigating pumpkins too. The children used a range of skills to cut and scoop the pumpkins using various tools. They also used their senses to smell, feel and look at the different parts of the pumpkins. These fun activities extended their vocabulary and awareness of the seasonal changes.