Home Learning

About home learning

The staff at Hartley Primary Academy continue to strive to set meaningful work on the classrooms as well as include some activities just for fun or relaxation.

A number of activities are identified as ‘optional’ and these are set for children who wish to do them.

There is no pressure from us for children to complete everything! Some children do find their work more challenging and can be put off when they see other children saying they have finished a piece of work. We are doing our best to encourage children to send a ‘private message’ to tell their teachers when work is complete or to share their scores, but inevitably some children forget and it goes on the live stream instead.

Please try not to worry about how much or how little other children in your child’s class are doing though – you know what is appropriate for your child, what works for your family and how manageable it is for you as a parent. It doesn’t matter when work is completed – even if it says the task is late.  Teachers will always look at any work that is submitted.

The home learning is there for you to access where possible; some children thrive on engaging with their teachers and peers, whilst others may find it stressful.  Our advice is to do as much as you can manage, even if it’s uploading a video, a photo or a drawing – just so long as your child is proud to share their work and is enjoying the tasks they are undertaking. The most important thing is that you and your child are safe, well and happy!   

Our Provision

EYFS (Nursery and Reception)

Tasks for Nursery can be found on the ‘Nursery’ on the website and also on Tapestry. See the drop down menu from the ‘Home Learning Tab’ to access the ‘Nursery Class Page‘.

Years 1-6

All tasks for Years 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 are posted on the Google Classroom for each year group. There will be age-appropriate daily tasks/ assignments which could be Maths, English tasks or inquiry and Cross-Curricular activities.

There are OPTIONAL tasks posted e.g. additional creative activities (art and cookery), mindfulness, opportunities to listen to staff reading stories…..for your child to complete if they wish to. These are optional and the children do not have to complete these.

Teachers are available online throughout the school day to offer support to the children, if required, on tasks. If parents have queries please can they see ‘Contacting School’ below.

Additional Support for Learning

We have a page on the website for ‘Additional Support for Learning‘. This can be accessed from the drop down menu below the ‘Home Learning’ tab.

We are continuing to monitor ‘visibility’ of the children on our online learning platforms.

Year 1 to 6, please help us by making sure your child logs on, clicks on ‘mark work as done’ when completing an activity on Google Classroom or simply adds something to the live ‘stream’. We just want to know the children and their families are ok. If we cannot see your child online we will make contact to check you are all safe and well.

For those with children in Nursery and Reception, please add to Tapestry to show you are all ok. A simple ‘hello’ or message will suffice if you don’t have time to add an observation. The Nursery and Reception staff are happy for you to add a variety of activities, from the same day, to one observation to save you time.

Contacting School

  • If you have any queries for any members of staff can you please email office@hartleyprimary.org.uk ensuring that you include who the query is for the attention of.
  • If you have any pastoral care concerns regarding your child during this time please contact the school via office@hartleyprimary.org.uk for the attention of Amanda King.
  • If you have any issues about accessing Tapestry or  Google Classroom please contact the school via office@hartleyprimary.org.uk marking the email Access Issues.

A message from all the staff to the children of Hartley Primary Academy…